How to remove a Mexican liquor bottle “safe-pour” spout

Ok, so our last trip to Cancun presented this small challenge . . . but, over and over again.

mexican liquor bottles

It even got worse when the liquor bottle was placed in the freezer. There’s a safe pour stopper mechanism in the bottle and they are not easy to get removed. We searched for a video on how to do this process, but no one had it on pour spout

We created our own. Thanks to all of the cinema-technical geniuses involved.Β Watch our silliness!

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    I was asked to rebel of this!!! So check out my video!


  4. Had to laugh – we faced the same problem down in Nuevo Laredo a number of years ago. After much frustration (and a handy church key), we achieved a satisfactory pour.

    • Yeah, the video does not show our initial bottle’s (plural) difficulties. The one I used just happened to be super easy. We had fun making it . . .surprised it has so many hits already.


  5. Our resort is blocking YouTube and we can’t get the stupid thing out. Help us!!

  6. Ha! Glad to see we were not alone in trying to figure out the same thing on our bottle of Smirnoff from Mexico.

  7. But at least with the spout, you know the maid isn’t sneaking a few swigs and topping the bottle off with water every day! That said, one day last week, the spout started spinning with the metal cap! I had to snip off the cap for my next drink.

  8. Thank you so much!!!

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