Subconscious act – Chilitos

How did I see the name? I passed the place a few days ago and read something like “Chilitil’s. I guess that’s what it looks like. Well, Jose changed the look of the logo. I’m glad he decided to change his logo, now with the red chili’s vice the green. He almost completely reversed the […]

Niko and the “creepy” lady – Niko’s Express Italian Deli – Vista, CA

“That lady scares me”! Niko explains, “I first ran into her at the DMV”. Wow, now I’m scared ’cause she’s now sitting in the deli chair closest to his order counter and there’s a customer approaching. Niko gave her a serious stink eye, but she wasn’t looking. Now I gotta wonder what “she” was doing […]

New England Boil? St. Patty’s Day – Let’s kick this s**t up a notch!

So take the normal United States version of a traditional St. Patrick’s day meal of corn beef and cabbage (actually considered a New England Boil), and kick it up. Contrary to popular belief the corned beef and cabbage meal is not the typical celebratory meal of the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. And to be perfectly […]

Could you possibly break any more dishes? – Sand Crab Tavern

A recent trip to the Sand Crab Tavern in Escondido for Sunday Brunch w/live entertainment (Blues) revealed an atmosphere of insanity, insatiability, instability suitability or downright f**king clumsiness. Well, I’m not quite sure what I just said . . . except the clumsiness part. First of all, for our Sunday Brunch, the menu was not what we had expected […]

Recognizing Awesomeness – Niko – New kid on the block!

 So, check out, I’m already recognizing this kid as awesome. Why? ‘Cause he left a kickin’ position in some big-time restaurant to give his first go at his own place. Young, motivated and not much yet to lose. Now’s the time to go for it. Awesome!  I just want all luck to go his way […]