Obama is a Mac Daddy!


Is that not just the funniest thing??? I once heard that quoted on a radio show. But I wouldn’t have written it if it didn’t make some sort of sense . . . or not! Steve . . . you are the “Mac Daddy”.

Again at the food trucks today I ventured to Underdogs Gastro Truck http://www.underdogstruck.com/. underdogsMeeting Steve . . . but then again maybe everyone there is named Steve. Judging from their business card that says “Call a “Steve””, I’m guessing there’s some sort of jacked up, “mess with the customer” game going on here. Ok, just who the “f” is Steve?

I asked Steve to make me something to remember them by. He served me up the Mac Daddy of all sausage sandwiches. I’m guessing they get their sausages from some purveyor that makes them with Stone Smoked Porter. Sheesh! Just say that to me and you already have my vote. Steve also hooked me up with some awesome homemade potato chips. What a great treat having someone that makes their own chips. Seemingly almost anyone now days are making either sweet potato tots or truffle fries. Thanks for the great change-up!!!sausage 6

Let’s talk for a moment about the first bite. Well the first bite was just a fork full of mac-n-cheese with bacon. Pretty good flavor goin’ on here. Then I decided to crisp a chip. Pretty darn good also. Then I take a giant bite from the sammich. Toasted roll is perfectly crunchy . . . I mean perfect! Through to the mac-n-cheese (squeezed out on my shirt), then the sausage . . . again another crunch of the bun on the other side. This thing was a bonified BAD ASS treat. The sangwich, the mac-n-cheese, and the crispy garlic dill. What about the mac-n-cheese that just ruined my shirt? Scooped that stuff up with the chips. In the words of Naco Libre . . . , “it’s the bessssst”.

I also noticed these guys are gonna be up at the Valley Center Food Truck Festival, March 9th at Nut’s Bate Farm. Check these guys out . . . I wanna try more of their stuff because they have a huge menu on their site. Shit’s gotta get serious with these guys.

Did I mention . . . I ended it with a Bonaparte crepe. The crepe didn’t hold up for the picture, but the flavors were again spot on!!!

Check ’em out . . . “Underdogs” . . . they’re rockin’!

I’m going to have to drop “the ol’ sauseech” on the “Steve’s”.

the ol sauseech

If you’re Italian . . . you’ll understand!



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