Uh, . . . hey babe, . . . ‘ave you seen my band-aid?

Ever wonder what happened to that band-aid you went into the shower with? I gave it a firm tug to see if it was ready to come off and be changed out, . . . but it stayed put. Oh well, get in the shower.

french cutI had spent about an hour-and-a-half of the previous day preparing 30 French-cut chicken drumsticks and boneless/skinless thighs from quarters; separate it all and make a stock from the remaining bones. Ok, it may have taken a bit longer, and I was beginning to get tired. Well, I nicked myself along the way and covered it with a band-aid and latex glove. That ensemble lasted the entire night.

The next day I woke and continued to prepare some of the remaining food for a small party for my son’s birthday. I took a break along the way to take a shower. That was the last time I saw that band-aid. I continued to prepare the remainder of the food and mix the potato salad . . . then it dawned on me. “Uh, . . . hey babe, . . . ‘ave you seen my band-aid?”


Actually, the food I prepared that day included only meats for the BBQ and a cheese filling for the poppers. It wasn’t until I began to mix that cheese filling with the other hand that I realized I was missing the band-aid. I told my wife about it and we both chuckled knowing that the chances of it being in any of the food was very remote. Funny anyhow! Anyone want to come over for dinner? Now I know why they have bright blue colored band-aids for the kitchen environment at school.

hair drainI found that bad boy in the shower drain two days later.

Isn’t it just funny what you don’t know when you go to a restaurant or someone’s house for BBQ? Nasty!!!

I think I’ll give this just one nasty bowl of soup!

missing bandaid


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