30 minutes to the beach . . . or “bac-o bits”. You choose!

Conversation –

Me: “I thought we were supposed to get some rain . . . 100% chance they said”.

Him: “Yeah, doesn’t look quite like we’re getting much, looks like a warm summer day . . . maybe head to the beach”.

Me: “It doesn’t even feel cold”, “You gettin’ any snow up at that cabin this year?”

Him: “The snow level is supposed to come down really low today and tonight”.

Me: “Hey maybe I’ll go check out that place . . . take a little run up the hill”.

So I load up the wife and kids and head out for an adventure up a new dirt road to the top of Mt. Palomar. The road is called Nate Harrison Grade and it begins in the Pauma Valley in between some orange groves. This trip will be about 13 miles to the top and the central town (at least that’s where the post office is) of Mt. Palomar. Nate Harrison Grade got its name from one of the town folk that lived there . . . or up there, just a piece back. See the story here: http://www.valleycenter.com/series/grade1.htm

20130209_112406I don’t live far from this road and I’m familiar with its location . . . just never been. A perfect off-road day just on a well maintained dirt road. The only reason I needed any four-wheel-drive was 20130209_111559because of the snow and a bit of mud. Otherwise, any ol’ car will make it up that road on a dry day.20130209_112545

Well, we were greeted by about 6 inches of snow at the house. Pretty neat that I can be at the beach in 30 minutes from my house or be up here in 45.  Just before departure I look at the Google map and notice a restaurant at the top of the mountain really close to the house that I’m going to check out. It’s called Mother’s Kitchen Restaurant http://www.motherskitchenpalomar.com/ .

Without looking much into it, I figure we might just have to check it out . . . or we could just head back down the hill and eat a taco at Jilberto’s in another 20 minutes.20130209_123830

After playing in the snow just a bit and looking at the wonderful antiques and stuff in this cabin, we make our way back to Mother’s and order up some grub. We’re a bit cold, and just a bit . . . ok, pretty hungry! Without looking too deeply at the menu, we begin our order. I kept thinking to myself that I thought it odd that they offered a Boca burger and no regular burger. Wanting to try several items I ordered around everyone else and I didn’t think about the Boca in the menu around the word Chipotle. My wife didn’t notice the contents of here chili and my son didn’t read about what was in a very familiar “Club Sandwich”. I saw a bowl of the day’s special “Pazole” go by and thought it looked good. Well it tasted fine but had an interesting . . . let’s call it “meat” mixed in with the hominy. And the chili had something also . . . then the Club Sandwich arrived and then we saw it . . . “Bac-o bits” or some derivative. 20130209_124528Then we finally go back and read the menu and realized that were are on top of the world in just a short trip to eat “vegetarian” for lunch. What . . . ??? You ever see what goes into those fake . . . bake . . . “O’s”? What are those “flavor enhancers”?


Well I can’t say anything was bad, but I guess I can’t really say anything was good. The food was warm, and the portions were fair, and we were hungry and we ate everything. Even at the somewhat steep price. Since it’s the only place to eat up here, I guess I might return if I needed to. I think the vegetarian thing kinds goes with the Idylwild / slash / Palomar / slash / hippie – thing. I don’t know, maybe an all encompassing menu to include the greasy burgers and pizza and real BACON ! I guess when you’re up here and you only need to work for 6 hours a day, veggie looks pretty good.

Stop by Mother’s and check ’em out. I’ll give them a snow flake or two.

You probably can’t see them because they’re white . . . and the background. 20130209_121311See the white truck and the white dog thing goin’ on here?



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  1. So.. basically it’s your fault you didn’t read what you ordered- they list every ingredient in their meals on the menu. And they offer a wide variety of food from nachos supreme to avocado grilled cheese to homemade baked lasagna (yum) – which involves not one bit of the fake-meat youre so obviously not a fan of. They serve healthy whole food and have upheld an immense amount of loyal customers over the years. So, why dont you just save yourself the trip next time? (:

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