This is kinda like eating your desert first . . . but, I finished with a little sweetness

Crepes Bonaparte has been featured on Food Network’s ‘The Great Food Truck Race’ and Cooking Channel’s ‘Food Truck Revolution’ and ‘Eat Street.’ Crepes Bonaparte was named by QSR Magazine as one of the Top 20 Food Trucks in America. Yes, I cut and paste that right from their website. crepes-bonaparte2


I was not surprised at the wonderfully delicious treat that awaited my palate today. Not over the top kinda great, but great none the less. The sweetness and freshness of the strawberries and bananas were highlighted by the Nutella spread. I had to try them. I wanted to try them. I was happy I tried them. Now, I will probably never have them again . . . they’re just not my thing. Good job though.

logo_notsofast To begin my food truck adventure of the day I began by reading a write-up about what appears to be two young free-spirited individuals . . . ok, I guess they can qualify as entrepreneurs. These youngsters started up the “way faster than the other guy”, Not So Fast Food truck boasting the first Paleo & Primal friendly fast food truck in San Diego, California; offering local and pastured meats & eggs, wild caught seafood and vegetables & fruit. Yes, I copied that also. I say “way faster” than the other guy because I ordered the very delicious and plentiful Lamby – a Local Lamb Burger that is Tzatziki Marinated with Sheep Feta and Mint Apple Bacon Chutney (yup, copied). Along with that I also had to try their homemade slaw and, one of the featured specials, sweet potato hash with bacon and avocado. All of these items came in a bout 5 minutes, way ahead of the crepe guys. Not So Fast’s portions were good but the slaw was just mid-scale and the hash, well let’s just say it dive-bombed hard . . . just not good! BTW Paleo is a diet that mimics our caveman ancestor’s (non-Big-Bangers) diets of nutritionally working with our genetics or some kinda promo BS like that. Give ’em a try . . . I sure there are other good things on their menu. Hell, at least it’s supposed to be “good” for

All in all I think I spent nearly $30 bucks today and I have some left over hash and slaw. I let others in the office try the crepe, plus it would’ve not been the same the next day. They also thought it sweet and heavenly. However, I think the slaw and hash will remain unfriendly again tomorrow . . . or even perhaps next month. Yikes! Perhaps I can use the hash to repair the stucco on the side of the barn.

I’ll wait and give these Paleo/Primal folks the stink eye and Bonaparte . . . free mention. Sorry, I’m feelin’ a bit reserved today.


Dang Michelle, that’s some serious stink eye ! ! !



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