Lobster San “G” wich – I always like sayin’ it that way.

Another day for the food trucks, and let’s see . . . I may have found the worlds best friggin’ fries . . . they were pretty dang good. A very good portion and plenty of shaved parmesan with just the right amount of truffle accent. These are ranked right near the top of my “best” for fries.

Today I ate at Devilicious. http://deviliciousfoodtruck.com/.

devilicious 1

The food looks just like it does on the website . . . and it tastes like it looks; shall we say it’s just as bad for you. Very “Devilicious”. I’m gonna have a heart attack. I brought the two other halves from my two-plate combo to my triple – triple-by-passed (90 yr old) father and he loved them, but I think we both agreed that I may have to quit my blog if I keep this shit up . . . and stop the hyphenating; I’m confusing myself!

I again checked out the menu beforehand and was armed with what I wanted to try. You gotta go in prepared or these “A”-holes will jack you at the drive thru (or walk-up). I found that true with the first place that gave me the “wiskey-dick” fries . . . I won’t say their name is *&%12$%. But just read a previous post and you’ll figure it out. Little burgers for big guys . . . , with limp fries . . . something like that! You know . . . , the size of the truck thing . . .

I ordered the Cubano, which had Hickory Smoked Ham off the Bone, Smoked Pork Shoulder, Swiss Cheese, Garlick Pickles and Dijon. This tasted very good but yet predictable as a Cuban. I also ordered the Butter poached lobster grilled cheese.. Perfectly poached Lobster, Melted Jack & Cheddar Cheeses, Caramelized Onion & Roma Tomatoes on Grilled Sourdough. Each sandwich came with Baby Green Salad with Balsamic. These sandwiches had so many flavors going on I just had to cut and paste from their on-line menu.

So I’m going to have to give this place the big thumbs up.thumbs-up

Give Devilicious a try if you happen to see ’em. I guess the success of this truck has allowed the Chef-owner to open a fixed-based restaurant in the Sorento Valley area. Maybe I’ll have to check out the new digs.



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