Obama is a Mac Daddy!


Is that not just the funniest thing??? I once heard that quoted on a radio show. But I wouldn’t have written it if it didn’t make some sort of sense . . . or not! Steve . . . you are the “Mac Daddy”.

Again at the food trucks today I ventured to Underdogs Gastro Truck http://www.underdogstruck.com/. underdogsMeeting Steve . . . but then again maybe everyone there is named Steve. Judging from their business card that says “Call a “Steve””, I’m guessing there’s some sort of jacked up, “mess with the customer” game going on here. Ok, just who the “f” is Steve?

I asked Steve to make me something to remember them by. He served me up the Mac Daddy of all sausage sandwiches. I’m guessing they get their sausages from some purveyor that makes them with Stone Smoked Porter. Sheesh! Just say that to me and you already have my vote. Steve also hooked me up with some awesome homemade potato chips. What a great treat having someone that makes their own chips. Seemingly almost anyone now days are making either sweet potato tots or truffle fries. Thanks for the great change-up!!!sausage 6

Let’s talk for a moment about the first bite. Well the first bite was just a fork full of mac-n-cheese with bacon. Pretty good flavor goin’ on here. Then I decided to crisp a chip. Pretty darn good also. Then I take a giant bite from the sammich. Toasted roll is perfectly crunchy . . . I mean perfect! Through to the mac-n-cheese (squeezed out on my shirt), then the sausage . . . again another crunch of the bun on the other side. This thing was a bonified BAD ASS treat. The sangwich, the mac-n-cheese, and the crispy garlic dill. What about the mac-n-cheese that just ruined my shirt? Scooped that stuff up with the chips. In the words of Naco Libre . . . , “it’s the bessssst”.

I also noticed these guys are gonna be up at the Valley Center Food Truck Festival, March 9th at Nut’s Bate Farm. Check these guys out . . . I wanna try more of their stuff because they have a huge menu on their site. Shit’s gotta get serious with these guys.

Did I mention . . . I ended it with a Bonaparte crepe. The crepe didn’t hold up for the picture, but the flavors were again spot on!!!

Check ’em out . . . “Underdogs” . . . they’re rockin’!

I’m going to have to drop “the ol’ sauseech” on the “Steve’s”.

the ol sauseech

If you’re Italian . . . you’ll understand!


Uh, . . . hey babe, . . . ‘ave you seen my band-aid?

Ever wonder what happened to that band-aid you went into the shower with? I gave it a firm tug to see if it was ready to come off and be changed out, . . . but it stayed put. Oh well, get in the shower.

french cutI had spent about an hour-and-a-half of the previous day preparing 30 French-cut chicken drumsticks and boneless/skinless thighs from quarters; separate it all and make a stock from the remaining bones. Ok, it may have taken a bit longer, and I was beginning to get tired. Well, I nicked myself along the way and covered it with a band-aid and latex glove. That ensemble lasted the entire night.

The next day I woke and continued to prepare some of the remaining food for a small party for my son’s birthday. I took a break along the way to take a shower. That was the last time I saw that band-aid. I continued to prepare the remainder of the food and mix the potato salad . . . then it dawned on me. “Uh, . . . hey babe, . . . ‘ave you seen my band-aid?”


Actually, the food I prepared that day included only meats for the BBQ and a cheese filling for the poppers. It wasn’t until I began to mix that cheese filling with the other hand that I realized I was missing the band-aid. I told my wife about it and we both chuckled knowing that the chances of it being in any of the food was very remote. Funny anyhow! Anyone want to come over for dinner? Now I know why they have bright blue colored band-aids for the kitchen environment at school.

hair drainI found that bad boy in the shower drain two days later.

Isn’t it just funny what you don’t know when you go to a restaurant or someone’s house for BBQ? Nasty!!!

I think I’ll give this just one nasty bowl of soup!

missing bandaid


30 minutes to the beach . . . or “bac-o bits”. You choose!

Conversation –

Me: “I thought we were supposed to get some rain . . . 100% chance they said”.

Him: “Yeah, doesn’t look quite like we’re getting much, looks like a warm summer day . . . maybe head to the beach”.

Me: “It doesn’t even feel cold”, “You gettin’ any snow up at that cabin this year?”

Him: “The snow level is supposed to come down really low today and tonight”.

Me: “Hey maybe I’ll go check out that place . . . take a little run up the hill”.

So I load up the wife and kids and head out for an adventure up a new dirt road to the top of Mt. Palomar. The road is called Nate Harrison Grade and it begins in the Pauma Valley in between some orange groves. This trip will be about 13 miles to the top and the central town (at least that’s where the post office is) of Mt. Palomar. Nate Harrison Grade got its name from one of the town folk that lived there . . . or up there, just a piece back. See the story here: http://www.valleycenter.com/series/grade1.htm

20130209_112406I don’t live far from this road and I’m familiar with its location . . . just never been. A perfect off-road day just on a well maintained dirt road. The only reason I needed any four-wheel-drive was 20130209_111559because of the snow and a bit of mud. Otherwise, any ol’ car will make it up that road on a dry day.20130209_112545

Well, we were greeted by about 6 inches of snow at the house. Pretty neat that I can be at the beach in 30 minutes from my house or be up here in 45.  Just before departure I look at the Google map and notice a restaurant at the top of the mountain really close to the house that I’m going to check out. It’s called Mother’s Kitchen Restaurant http://www.motherskitchenpalomar.com/ .

Without looking much into it, I figure we might just have to check it out . . . or we could just head back down the hill and eat a taco at Jilberto’s in another 20 minutes.20130209_123830

After playing in the snow just a bit and looking at the wonderful antiques and stuff in this cabin, we make our way back to Mother’s and order up some grub. We’re a bit cold, and just a bit . . . ok, pretty hungry! Without looking too deeply at the menu, we begin our order. I kept thinking to myself that I thought it odd that they offered a Boca burger and no regular burger. Wanting to try several items I ordered around everyone else and I didn’t think about the Boca in the menu around the word Chipotle. My wife didn’t notice the contents of here chili and my son didn’t read about what was in a very familiar “Club Sandwich”. I saw a bowl of the day’s special “Pazole” go by and thought it looked good. Well it tasted fine but had an interesting . . . let’s call it “meat” mixed in with the hominy. And the chili had something also . . . then the Club Sandwich arrived and then we saw it . . . “Bac-o bits” or some derivative. 20130209_124528Then we finally go back and read the menu and realized that were are on top of the world in just a short trip to eat “vegetarian” for lunch. What . . . ??? You ever see what goes into those fake . . . bake . . . “O’s”? What are those “flavor enhancers”?


Well I can’t say anything was bad, but I guess I can’t really say anything was good. The food was warm, and the portions were fair, and we were hungry and we ate everything. Even at the somewhat steep price. Since it’s the only place to eat up here, I guess I might return if I needed to. I think the vegetarian thing kinds goes with the Idylwild / slash / Palomar / slash / hippie – thing. I don’t know, maybe an all encompassing menu to include the greasy burgers and pizza and real BACON ! I guess when you’re up here and you only need to work for 6 hours a day, veggie looks pretty good.

Stop by Mother’s and check ’em out. I’ll give them a snow flake or two.

You probably can’t see them because they’re white . . . and the background. 20130209_121311See the white truck and the white dog thing goin’ on here?


This is kinda like eating your desert first . . . but, I finished with a little sweetness

Crepes Bonaparte has been featured on Food Network’s ‘The Great Food Truck Race’ and Cooking Channel’s ‘Food Truck Revolution’ and ‘Eat Street.’ Crepes Bonaparte was named by QSR Magazine as one of the Top 20 Food Trucks in America. Yes, I cut and paste that right from their website. http://www.crepesbonaparte.com. crepes-bonaparte2


I was not surprised at the wonderfully delicious treat that awaited my palate today. Not over the top kinda great, but great none the less. The sweetness and freshness of the strawberries and bananas were highlighted by the Nutella spread. I had to try them. I wanted to try them. I was happy I tried them. Now, I will probably never have them again . . . they’re just not my thing. Good job though.

logo_notsofast To begin my food truck adventure of the day I began by reading a write-up about what appears to be two young free-spirited individuals . . . ok, I guess they can qualify as entrepreneurs. These youngsters started up the “way faster than the other guy”, Not So Fast Food truck boasting the first Paleo & Primal friendly fast food truck in San Diego, California; offering local and pastured meats & eggs, wild caught seafood and vegetables & fruit. Yes, I copied that also. I say “way faster” than the other guy because I ordered the very delicious and plentiful Lamby – a Local Lamb Burger that is Tzatziki Marinated with Sheep Feta and Mint Apple Bacon Chutney (yup, copied). Along with that I also had to try their homemade slaw and, one of the featured specials, sweet potato hash with bacon and avocado. All of these items came in a bout 5 minutes, way ahead of the crepe guys. Not So Fast’s portions were good but the slaw was just mid-scale and the hash, well let’s just say it dive-bombed hard . . . just not good! BTW Paleo is a diet that mimics our caveman ancestor’s (non-Big-Bangers) diets of nutritionally working with our genetics or some kinda promo BS like that. Give ’em a try . . . I sure there are other good things on their menu. Hell, at least it’s supposed to be “good” for you.fast

All in all I think I spent nearly $30 bucks today and I have some left over hash and slaw. I let others in the office try the crepe, plus it would’ve not been the same the next day. They also thought it sweet and heavenly. However, I think the slaw and hash will remain unfriendly again tomorrow . . . or even perhaps next month. Yikes! Perhaps I can use the hash to repair the stucco on the side of the barn.

I’ll wait and give these Paleo/Primal folks the stink eye and Bonaparte . . . free mention. Sorry, I’m feelin’ a bit reserved today.


Dang Michelle, that’s some serious stink eye ! ! !


Lobster San “G” wich – I always like sayin’ it that way.

Another day for the food trucks, and let’s see . . . I may have found the worlds best friggin’ fries . . . they were pretty dang good. A very good portion and plenty of shaved parmesan with just the right amount of truffle accent. These are ranked right near the top of my “best” for fries.

Today I ate at Devilicious. http://deviliciousfoodtruck.com/.

devilicious 1

The food looks just like it does on the website . . . and it tastes like it looks; shall we say it’s just as bad for you. Very “Devilicious”. I’m gonna have a heart attack. I brought the two other halves from my two-plate combo to my triple – triple-by-passed (90 yr old) father and he loved them, but I think we both agreed that I may have to quit my blog if I keep this shit up . . . and stop the hyphenating; I’m confusing myself!

I again checked out the menu beforehand and was armed with what I wanted to try. You gotta go in prepared or these “A”-holes will jack you at the drive thru (or walk-up). I found that true with the first place that gave me the “wiskey-dick” fries . . . I won’t say their name is *&%12$%. But just read a previous post and you’ll figure it out. Little burgers for big guys . . . , with limp fries . . . something like that! You know . . . , the size of the truck thing . . .

I ordered the Cubano, which had Hickory Smoked Ham off the Bone, Smoked Pork Shoulder, Swiss Cheese, Garlick Pickles and Dijon. This tasted very good but yet predictable as a Cuban. I also ordered the Butter poached lobster grilled cheese.. Perfectly poached Lobster, Melted Jack & Cheddar Cheeses, Caramelized Onion & Roma Tomatoes on Grilled Sourdough. Each sandwich came with Baby Green Salad with Balsamic. These sandwiches had so many flavors going on I just had to cut and paste from their on-line menu.

So I’m going to have to give this place the big thumbs up.thumbs-up

Give Devilicious a try if you happen to see ’em. I guess the success of this truck has allowed the Chef-owner to open a fixed-based restaurant in the Sorento Valley area. Maybe I’ll have to check out the new digs.


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