An authentic deli, right from New York?

I have vowed to eat at several “gourmet” food trucks over the next two or three months, and I have recently begun my adventure.

My last rant I identified what the word “gourmet” actually means. Bottom line is it’s a reason to charge more for food truck food. Yes, I think the food often times can express the owner or chef’s culinary breadth, but there still must be a limit. For the time being, the limit is set to hold the cards close and don’t show what you’re holding. What does that mean? . . . hell I don’t know, I just thought it sounded good.

These food trucks can be of great variety, serving a variety of different items and thus can charge what they want. This has been my experience when eating at The InSlider. inslider I had to decipher the menu first because these gourmet terms threw us off a bit; with terms like Brioche, Jidori, Kobe, Aioli and “truffle essence” fries. What we got were 4, 2 1/2 inch round potato rolls with American “Kobe” beef, one jalapeno slice, a free-range (Jidori) chicken piece with mayonnaise (Ailoi) and a small serving of very soggy fries with “essence”. All for $20. Oh yeah we did have to wait extra long for a fresh batch of sweet potato tots to be plated only 3/4 full in the wax-lined service tray. We finished hungry and seemingly void. I heard nothing but complaints that day from the other staffers in my building. The over-priced, less-than-enjoyable InSlider. I guess the flavors were there; but,  . . . where’s the beef?

On a better note; I once ventured out to watch a concert at Harrah’s Rincon Casino just outside of Valley Center, California and met a guy named Rich and his New York on Rye deli food truck (it was a booth that day). Rich seemed to be an easy-going guy and, at the time, we struck up a bit of conversation. I wasn’t much hungry that night we met but I promised to check him out on the flip-side someday.

new york deli on rye

Well someday is today. Rich has his truck strategically placed as part of the replacement food court at MCAS Miramar along with several other rotating “gourmet” food trucks on the installation. I had attempted several times to get over there, but have more times fallen short and settled for the standard leftovers from home . . . except today. This will be my second trip to the food trucks so far.

I met up with Rich and ordered, from what I saw, an awesome looking corned beef hash burrito. I saw him make one of these while at Harrah’s. Ok, a burrito doesn’t sound like much along the lines of a New York deli, but more like a Cali-York fusion . . . and I think it was. It was pretty remarkable, very spicy (good flavorful spice, not too hot). As Rich and I negotiated my burrito, he up-sold me on the fries, claiming them to be the “worlds best”, or something like that. They were good, but far from the “best” of class I have ever had. Again good, . . . but you make the call. Both the burrito and the fries were of sufficiant quantity and the quality was good. At the $11 price point, I didn’t feel ripped off.

I like Rich, and I will again check out the reuben, pastrami or Knish. Give Rich’s truck a try, the staff has always been a hoot to talk with and Rich can’t seem to keep still. He’s fun to talk to.

I’m going to give Rich 2 pickles and a Knish.




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