The hands keep feeding the hungry heads.

Visiting my mother today at a skilled nursing facility revealed a very cleaver observation and a comedic approach to the thoughts of seniors.

My mother, whose opinions and characteristic views of people has never been kept much to herself, had pointed out something that could very well be leading to our nation’s current state of obesity.

My mother carefully leaned over toward me. Her frail body moving slowly as to not cause a disturbance that could send her tumbling atop me from her current inability to stabilize herself. As she leaned over, approaching closely to my ear, she eloquently whispered, “look at those heads over there”, pointing now at the nurses station from our vantage point through the doorway, “those hands haven’t stopped putting food into them all day”.


I saw that our vantage point revealed only the heads of several nurses from just below their jaw lines. As my mother and I watched closely, she abruptly pointed once again to the heads and, blurted, “see . . . !” What we then saw was the occasional closed fist of one of those staff with a Nacho Cheese Doritos extended from the clenched thumb, and first finger, carefully placing that flavored tortilla chip inside. “It’s been going on all day like that”, she finished.

Doritos Girl

I don’t think we laughed that hard in a long time. We could see nothing below the heads from our vantage point because of the counter blocking our view of any computer work, paperwork or scribing being performed on any charts. Everything below the head  was blocked by the counter. All we saw were feeding heads.

A good day



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