Prohibition Brewing – Wow, what a year has done!

I am much happier to be writing about Prohibition Brewing Company in Vista, California than in the past. Visit them at

Our visit today began with very skeptical and mixed emotions due to the overwhelmingly continuous disappointing first year of floundering food service and haphazard lack of hospitality know-how.Prohibition 3

I think some of todays happiness is due to the Chef being allowed to actually create a good menu of tasty variety and abundant portions catering to a much more eager beer drinking and food savvy demographic. Well I think they are on to something now. Congratulations on your pursuit and I hope you continue because NOW we have a reason to go back!!!

It was good to see that some of the favorites from the previous “soft opening” menu that held on for a full year have now been complimented by some new, much more palatable savory treats. The pictures here are of a tortilla soup that my wife said was quite good, but could have also have been doubling as the vegetable soup. That’s perfectly legitimate as long as the flavors are not the same. I don’t think they were because of the detectable cumin. A wonderful fresh plating with brilliant colors and adequate portion helped as well. Prohibition 4

We also had to try the reuben. A characteristic sandwich that can be rarely screwed up . . . but I’ve seen it bonked at a local eatery recently.Prohibition 1 The showcased bread of marbled rye really made it a nice plate with adequate sauerkraut and plenty of their signature truffle parmesan fries.Along with our meal we couldn’t escape without comparing their wedge salad to Mikes BBQ in Escondido. Prohibition 2

Prohibition now has a new customer of the wedge as long as their quality and portion control remains steady; as are their burgers, remaining constant is the key. They are still good since the last menu..

We will be frequenting now since this is now decent for us to entertain visitors and becoming a street-wise gathering hole for the locals and youths enjoying the craft beer industry

Great job Prohibition. Someone was actually paying attention.

I going to give this place only 3 full 1/2  kegs and a beer ball. They still have some proving to do to this CritDick!

Kegs X 3beer ball



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