Absolutely the most incredible story about our youth, an old man, and a Grandpa . . . well, maybe not incredible, but funny none the less.


Sitting and watching the beginning of a recent football game with my father (90 years young, October 4, 2012) and reminiscing about my recent trip with the family to Disneyland, “The Happiest Place on Earth”; I told him about all of the changes to the theme park over the years that have taken place since my last visit and since my youth. I told him about the incorporation of elements from the movie Nemo into the Submarine Voyage ride. So, being extremely tech-savvy, my father swiftly grabbed ahold of his IPhone and began Wikipedia searches for information as I began to tell this story:

TL 59As we were waiting in line for The Submarine Voyage, I told him of my questioning the park’s youthful staff about where I might get some TL59. TL59 was written on a 12 or 18 inch water supply line that has “TL59 SEAWATER SUPPLY” stenciled in black paint on the side as it faces the waiting line to get on the submarine ride. Since I have this demented humor and a wealth of military and aerospace acronyms in my data base, I decided to challenge that youthful staff.


As we neared the launching area I asked yet another staff member if he knew where I can get some TL59 Saltwater. That polite young man looked at me all crooked-like with an eat-shit look on his face and said “Old man, you must have thought I just fell off the back of the dope wagon”! He continued, “TL59 stands for TomorrowLand, and 59 is the year this ride first debuted”. I looked square back in that young man’s face and said, “Listen here pimple-neck, don’t you be getting all smart with me or I’ll smack that crack-smokin’ look right up some!” But just then I had to stop and ponder for a moment if that punk was right . . . luckily, it was my time to board the vessel.

So my Dad and I laughed a bit that day and had another sip of beer, rooted for our team a bit more and reminisced about the times my father used to take and drop us off at the themed park. I think there may have been a bit more pleasure from the staff back in the day, but when you know you’ve been beat, time to get out the hoof cream and clean yourself off a bit; get back up, and ride off. Damn kids . . .

TL59 – who would’ve thought that I would get outsmarted by a boy . . . just a boy!

I’m thinkin’ about a couple of lines o’ BS for this one!!!Fish_on_the_Line__2_Fish_on_the_Line__2_



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