Pinocchio, Ron Jeremy and a dude named “JD”. That already sounds perverted!

I enjoy things when I meet someone who can talk the talk . . . about the F&B industry to the level that I have been educated. Again, so none of you are confused . . . , I will most probably never know as much as many individuals in the industry; but when I do run into one of them, that certainly seems to have been around the block a time or two, and can talk the talk, it’s enjoyable to talk about the industry. I like to learn as much as I like to perform at that level . . . not all of us can, and I may never perform to the level of many. But for now, it’s fun none the less.

As JD poured our first round, we had very small conversation about this and that. I overheard him mention Pinocchio (yes, we just ate there . . . and always excellent) to another customer, it’s just around the corner as being one of his competitors. Learning just a bit more about JD is that he (JD) had made a transition from some big names on the East Coast . . . I think it was New York. Anyway, he seemed to be very cultivated in industry terms and definitions just until to the moment when I threw the ol’ “I can F^@& ’em at the beginning then fix ’em in the end” referring to my diverse background and education. I don’t think he ever figured out what it is I really do. I did however tell him I was a student in the culinary business field and we related well. I think he thought I may be some kind of big shot, so then I gave him a CritDicks business card and he quickly changed his opinion. He then showed me a bottle of Ron De Jeremy Spiced Rum . . . OK, I just had to taste . . . but just what is that shit spiced with??? Ron Jeremy? Being displayed at an establishment in old town Palm Springs . . . ? Think about this a moment . . . and what is the population of that area? I’ll just leave it at that . . . ron-de-jeremy-spiced-rum

JD was cool. He even asked me to try an infused Vodka of garlic, jalapeno peppers and something else. We both agreed that it would make a killer Bloody Mary. He said they used it for the house Mary’s. JD also claimed that his kitchen is very small and streamlined. I never asked to go back and look but they seemed to be kicking out the plates as we watched the NFL finals in favor of San Francisco. I think I saw a linguine and clams perhaps. He said their food was very good and It looked as though he might be telling the truth. I hope to go back and meet up with him again and maybe try the menu. I wish I had taken the name of the place but was being quickly summoned away by the shopping half of our party. Hopefully JD will write a comment and give me the name, then I can really blast them . . . only kidding.

JD made our short visit memorable. Heck we just stopped in to catch the latest score of the game. He quickly made us feel welcome and created a good atmosphere. Hats off. I will be coming back. I just wish I had the name, but until then here’s where it is close to  – 138 South Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA and look at the picture. See what alcohol does . . . anyway, it’s the place with the red umbrellas. Palm Springs place


Stop in and say “Hi” to JD and give ’em a try.



1 thought on “Pinocchio, Ron Jeremy and a dude named “JD”. That already sounds perverted!

  1. So turns out that a good Bro-in-Law recommends checking the credit card receipt for the establishment name; and go figure . . . alas! . . . The name is Zini Cafe’ Med @ . . . JD, you asshole . . . you charged me $20.


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