Didn’t expect that! Sand Crabs . . . right in our back yard!

Well, if you’re roaming the North County (San Diego) looking for a unique dining experience, I’m sure you’ll find what you need right in Escondido.sand-crab-logo

Watch yourself as you walk in, the planters are lined with oyster shells . . . kinda neat! Any way, The Original Sand Crab Tavern claims to have been here for as many as 22 plus years. You would not expect to find it located in an industrial area; but to our surprise, based on a recommendation from a co-worker, we found this messy table, crab smashin’, elbow lickin’ good place to eat just around the corner behind the Sprinter station.

We ate lunch there on a Saturday just upon opening and everything was delicious. I was told by the fellow Californian (with a heavy Irish accent, and that’s a whole other story) server that the time to be there is Friday and Saturday nights when the atmosphere changes into an oyster slingin’ brewhouse in which several excellent bottled choices are available. Oh; and do try the Voodoo Shrimp, the sauce is killer for dipping bread.



Enjoy this place and bring some bucks; it wasn’t cheap, since the halibut fish-n-chips was $23.



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