Prohibition Brewing – Wow, what a year has done!

I am much happier to be writing about Prohibition Brewing Company in Vista, California than in the past. Visit them at Our visit today began with very skeptical and mixed emotions due to the overwhelmingly continuous disappointing first year of floundering food service and haphazard lack of hospitality know-how. I think some of todays happiness is […]

The hands keep feeding the hungry heads.

Visiting my mother today at a skilled nursing facility revealed a very cleaver observation and a comedic approach to the thoughts of seniors. My mother, whose opinions and characteristic views of people has never been kept much to herself, had pointed out something that could very well be leading to our nation’s current state of obesity. My […]

Pinocchio, Ron Jeremy and a dude named “JD”. That already sounds perverted!

I enjoy things when I meet someone who can talk the talk . . . about the F&B industry to the level that I have been educated. Again, so none of you are confused . . . , I will most probably never know as much as many individuals in the industry; but when I do […]

Didn’t expect that! Sand Crabs . . . right in our back yard!

Well, if you’re roaming the North County (San Diego) looking for a unique dining experience, I’m sure you’ll find what you need right in Escondido. Watch yourself as you walk in, the planters are lined with oyster shells . . . kinda neat! Any way, The Original Sand Crab Tavern claims to have been here […]