Jewish, Chinese and Catholic fusion – A wedding to remember!

Now traveling back from the bay area and sitting in the back seat of the Touring Elite allows me to reflect on the weekend, the drive up to San Francisco and the drive back to San Diego. The vehicle used is the Honda Odyssey Touring Elite. Performing its function flawlessly and providing ample comfort, versatility and many movies for 18+ hours of road, and the 18+ hours of my family. I think we all thought the entire trip was a good one. It was great to see family members again especially those I haven’t seen in a while. I, and my family were treated to a really superb wedding; marrying not only two great people, but the influences of their heritage, their families and the religions and heritages they all possessed along the way. Check out the diversity and eclectic line up. The ceremony was a fusion of Catholic and Jewish religions including the breaking of the glass. Each different religious aspect was explained by the minister of the peace . . . LOL, my brother.

The reception was a well planned out ceremony of careful thought. Chinese food was presented as family service style at each table. Carefully beginning with a flavorful, yet light, appetizer of shrimp and noodles. Combined with the wine selection I thought brought forward flavors at each follow-on course. Every element of the dinner service was delicious, presenting new flavors rarely encountered by most American style Chinese menus. Each course built upon the next. The flavors got more rich and more complex until the final characteristically sweet finish. Then the cake . . . barely got a piece of that because of an hour and a half of family transportation to and  around San Fransisco’s Fort Mason,; a really neat historic landmark facility. One thing I think I noticed that night is, seniors don’t have accurate taste, or they have somewhat diminished palates. I sat between my Mother, Father and an older Brother-in-Law. They all thought the food didn’t taste good. I on the other hand, as most of the other 9 members at our table and other random guests I talked with, thought the food was very well prepared and delicious. Then, the only thing that continuously aggravated me was “The Minister” . . . also seated at my table, didn’t help serve anyone other than himself, not even his 90 year old parents. That means the food was that good!!! A-HOLE!

I met the caterer Tuyen Chung of Ginger Café,, outside following the final course. He was busy cleaning up. He, sporting a heavy Chinese accent, was very cordial and spent a focused time with me discussing his operation. He said he has been doing the catering for 25 years. He was a nice guy. I promised to introduce him to my readers as he promised to visit my site. He also said that his service this evening went mostly unappreciated by the largely American families and friends; that if these were all Chinese people, pointing now to the mess around him of his portable kitchen, “all this food, . . . all of this lobster . . . gone! . . . all of it would be gone!” Tuyen had his hands full outside that night. See the menu here. dinner_menu1 An extremely complicated portable kitchen in which every element of the service was made on site except the pre-cut vegetables. He had two deep-fat fryers and woks a blazin’ that night. I was impressed with his operation. A very talented chef and entrepreneur. He had a large staff to cater the 150 person event. Well done! The food was remarkable. Having Chinese food served at a wedding was a first for most at a wedding, including me. There were only two elements I felt he could improve upon. First there was no rice served with dinner. I heard a couple of people say they seemed to miss that. It’s an inexpensive addition and could have been accommodated. Second, the service staff didn’t really seem trained enough to take dishes away as they brought more forward; and the tray’d butler hors d’oeuvres were devoured at the bar’s entrance and never seemed to make their way to the back of the bar area. Everyone I spoke with said the food was excellent and the element provided by the variety and creativity of the selected menu items was as superb. I don’t think anyone expected what they got. I would say that providing Chinese food at the wedding and the quality definitely exceeded my expectation. #1 requirement for any hospitality business. Meet or exceed!

Then the music. I haven’t heard my (ex) Brother-in-Law play the drums in about 35 years. He and his son Aaron Meyer,, carried intermittent sets in between the heavy beats and excellent sounds of a high quality dance band Busta Groove  They really made the evening special. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen so many of a guest list really throwing down on the dance floor. I heard everything from AC/DC’s “Back in Black” to “Can’t Touch This” by M.C. Hammer, and Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”. A really great band that played all of the great songs that everyone sang along to.

Well, the trip to San Francisco, CA was memorable. Every element of the wedding was very well executed, all the way down to the graphics used for the ceremony, the menu and the website, created by yet another family member.

I’m going to give this whole event the coveted



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