Jewish, Chinese and Catholic fusion – A wedding to remember!

Now traveling back from the bay area and sitting in the back seat of the Touring Elite allows me to reflect on the weekend, the drive up to San Francisco and the drive back to San Diego. The vehicle used is the Honda Odyssey Touring Elite. Performing its function flawlessly and providing ample comfort, versatility […]

What the hell is “Telecommunefficiency”

To answer the subject question I offer my recent on-line class submission about technology in the FB & H industry. Having begun this assignment by reading the referenced articles, something caught my attention about the breadth of the telecommunication carrot that could dangle in front the restaurateurs’ (horse’s) mouth. I read several follow-up articles, but could […]

THIS is not “The Happiest Place On Earth”. Disneyland revisited.

WOW, what a statment from this CritDick. However, I did have a decent time; if to say my enjoyment revolved around crowd avoidance and the overly occasional whaling (high-pitched screeches) 3-year-old I had to step over to get to my destination. I kept repeating to myself, “The Happiest Place on Earth, . . . The Happiest Place On Earth,  […]