Haulin’ Ass . . . I mean Hall and Oats. Ooops!

Delusional was my thought about enjoying yet another of the Summer Concert Series at Harrah’s Rincon. I really didn’t want to go, but I promised. Ok, I’m a music and concert nut. The music wasn’t bad that night, but the sound was off. Something about the vocals of Daryl Hall. Sounded like he was just another background singer. Maybe I was all jacked up. A Sunday night show? . . . I doubt it!

Finally finding solace in, what I call, the pit (the area back with the food and bar service) the sound was good. Maybe it’s where we sat that night, although similar to where we always sit . . . dunno; but the pit is the best seat in the house if you don’t mind standing and looking at all of the dancing girls. That makes it worth it; but trust me guys, stand in the back.

Walking around and watching the people and the food service vendors I noticed La Takiza  http://www.latakiza.com/and a sweet looking older (well maybe older than me) lady making hand-made tortillas. Thinking to myself I said, “I’m not hungry, but I’m going to try a taco”. I stepped up to the counter that was vacant, because everyone was engaged with the show. I ordered, “I’m just tasting, so make a good one”. They elected to serve up a carnitas taco that was very good. The tortilla tasted fabulous and the meat delicious. I quickly gave them all the thumbs up as they were all staring at me. Maybe they thought I was a critic . . . Nope, just a Dick. After my first two bites I had to try the salsa. Their red sauce was acceptable but predictable. Their green sauce was very flavorful and bold. Again I gave them all the thumbs up and expressed my thoughts to them vebally. Damn, I forgot my cards again. I always forget my “CritDicks” business cards when I go to events, because I like to downsize my pockets to minimums (credit card, ID and cash). Oh well, move on to the next vendor.

T-shirt . . . Uh . . . NO!. I’m not getting caught alive wearing a Hall and Oats t-shirt. Wait . . . maybe a good thing ’cause of all the girls at this show. Nah! Next booth. Some lady selling carmel apples . . . Nah,  . . . not feelin’ it. Next booth. New York on Rye.  http://newyorkonrye.com/ I watched this guy for minute and he finally took a break. “Chef”, I said. “What are you making here”. He just sat down from serving up orders, but immediately got back up to come talk with me. I told him I wasn’t hungry but was only tasting, and I could not possibly eat a sandwich. I told Rich, that was his name, that I was a writer and culinary student and was watching him throw down the corned beef. His partner said, “we’re real Jews making real Jewish food”. That was a good catch. I told him, I am a CritDick . . . but mostly just a dick”, then began the explanation and the swapping of stories. I would have said “sea” stories but I don’t know Rich’s military status. Rich introduced himself and we talked, exchanging professinal qualifications and accomplishments. We talked for a while as I delayed his end of show clean-up. He looked a bit tired as I explained that I have no passion to ever be a chef in the industry. I continued to explain that I was gaining my education to do what I’m doing here and possibly own a restaurant someday. I liked what Rich was doing when I watched him, salivating at the thought of the corned beef sandwich. But it wasn’t in my cards to eat a sandwhich tonight . . . I was already full, nor was I looking for a handout . . . but I thought to myself, “just that little corner (of the corned beef)”. I’m such an Itallian, always wanting to just taste what we see. In school, I’m always wanting to taste what the other students are making . . . just a little bite! “Gimme that”!

The next morning I read up on these joints and find out Rich’s “New York Deli on Rye” is just a food truck . . . but voted one of the best in San Diego. Reading about his background substantiates his claims of culinary achievements. If I ever see his truck, and I’m somewhat hungry, I’m stopping and ordering. As we left the show, I noticed he was making somekind of grilled corned beef burrito, I believe that is also on his menu. I’m totally stopping . . . that looked friggin’ good. Rich – good job! KAATN !!! (That’s “Kick Ass and Take Names”). I just made the “KAATN” up!

So Hall and Oats played some great old tunes. As a matter of fact, every song they played was a hit, memorable from the radio play that made them famous. They were good. The food that was at the event was also good . . . even great. At least what I tasted and “talked”. I’m going to try Rich’s stuff . . . I guarantee it. I’m gonna stop and taste his stuff. He looked on the mark.

I’m going to give the entire event . . . and the gambling my wife did, the “three taco combo”. I reserve the right to change my mind at any time!



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