I see the Lighthouse ! ! ! A prostitute told me not to navigate in that direction!

Ok, well we checked it out . . . and with . . . of all people, the other original CritDick. He vows to become involved. Say’s he doesn’t mind editing/elaborating on humorous facets, however say’s I’m not as good of a writer as he had hoped. I’m throwing the BS towel on that crap!

We went back to the Lighthouse Oyster Bar and Grill for an afternoon lunch on a Saturday and had a wonderful seat outside on the deck overlooking Oceanside Harbor. On the way had discussion about how jacked up my thought process is because I didn’t know what Joe’s Crab Shack had on the menu and or how their food was served. WHO CARE’s? Joe’s sucks . . . period. And another period right here “.”

Now I don’t like being a critic . . . so I’ll just be a Dick! We ordered a couple of tap Stone IPA’s and our other drinks. The beer’s we’re not cold enough and the glasses didn’t help compensate by being frozen. I don’t know why, but we ended up ordering a second round.

We ordered their calamari along with oysters as appetizers. 10 minutes later we placed our main course order, and I specifically said, “as my entre’, I’ll have the ceviche and the Del Mar salad. Well, moments later, out comes our calamari and my ceviche. I told the server that my ceviche was to be an entre’ and she apologized and took it back and said “I’ll hold it until your other entre’s are served”. Did she just say “hold”. Hmmm . . . serve that one to the next order of ceviche and prepare mine fresh at the time of service . . . really? Whatever. Or at least don’t tell me you are holding it. Just say “sorry” and take it back. Yes, when it did arrive it was the same one . . . looking slightly as if it had been in the fridge uncovered.

The calamari was served with a couple of sauces; an orange marmalade dipping sauce (ok) and a pretty good ranch type sauce that had a hint of horseradish. The calamari had mixed reviews at our table. My cohorts thought them to be the best. Since they were calamari steaks cut into strips, I thought them to be just a bit tough and under seasoned . . . if at all. I like the smaller body rounds and tentacles. I think they are more delicate and can be cooked just a bit quicker making them more tender. Blue Water Seafood Market and Grill still holds the reign! (Guy Fieri – Triple D) http://bluewaterseafoodsandiego.com/.

All of the plates were well portioned. A giant NY steak sandwich, I felt was too large. I believe it was the entre’ steak served on a roll. The fish tacos (2 ea.), that were served without tortilla’s (per request) were served on two separate plates. I thought that kind of unusual. Maybe the tacos are normally served separately, but I would’ve thought them to be normally served on one plate with the sweet potato fries (good) on the side or even on the same service plate. Kinda threw me off.

Oh . . . there’s my ceviche . . . the same one! Oh . . . and our oysters. I’m glad I was in good company because I forgot about the oysters until they arrived with the main entre’s. Oh yeah . . . those oysters were supposed to be an “app”. Deduct more points. Well the oysters were quite good, very cold and clean. No pearl! Damn! My Del Mar salad was pretty good and very plentiful of seafood. The vinaigrette was not needed as the juices from the grilled seafood (scallops, shrimps and crab) was of sufficient, quantity and flavor, to compliment the greens underneath. I even thought the vinaigrette ruined the good flavor of the salad.

So lets talk about scale. Food  . . . 3 up, 3 down (that’s an inning right there). Service . . . definitely no higher than a 2 across the board. Our server was off the mark. She didn’t seem to really be engaged. I’ don’t know if it was lack of experience or she was just plain jacked up. The other service staff was on the ball but seemed to be hovering. They made multiple passes on the table, but seemed to not be there for a reason. I don’t know why, but maybe I kept seeing them over my shoulder  . . .  perhaps I was looking for the Feds. I hope the chef reads this cause I kinda like him and they way I’ve seen his kitchen perform.

Today, the Lighthouse on Oceanside Harbor gets only two rickety prostitutes. The history of Oceanside dictated that one.




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