Can anyone see the Lighthouse? In a fog the rest of the weekend!

Adventuresome . . . or some adventure. Where the hell is The Lighthouse?

I remember going out for a day of fishing and trusting my instruments. Always trust your instruments, I have been told. Pilots . . . correct me please! As we made our way out of the harbor, the fog quickly encapsulated us and we could no longer see the lighthouse . . . or the coast. As we left the harbor that day I remember setting up the LORAN but had no idea how to use the device. LORAN (LOng RAnge Navigation) is a terrestrial radio navigation system which enables ships and aircraft to determine their position and speed from low-frequency radio signals transmitted by fixed land-based radio beacons, using a receiver unit. (Thanks Wikipedia) Since I have extensive experience working on navigation systems in aircraft, I have been told by pilots that trusting your instruments is essential, unless of course you’re absolutely sure they are wrong. absolutely sure you’re gonna smack the ground or something like that.

On the back of my Brother-in-Law’s boat enjoying an afternoon cold one after driving to Oceanside Harbor in the Thing. A beautiful HOT day; it’s been super hot out and we decided to load up the convertible and head out on a very warm late afternoon around 5pm . . . and it was still hot. How hot? . . .”The weather out there today is hot and shitty with continued hot and shitty in the afternoon” (I think that’s the way it goes, “quote”, Good Morning Vietnam). We finally decided to walk into the harbor area and get another cocktail. We bypassed Joes Crab Shack (formerly Charthouse years ago, and yes Joes SUCKS . . . big time!) and happened upon Dominic’s. Check out this joint . . . Dominic, the owner, used to be our neighbor. He was always a restaurateur, finally opening a small pizza and pasta shop in Oceanside harbor. As time moved forward, he has now expanded into the other two adjacent shops and has a full bar and gelato shop. We didn’t stop there, but I did say hello and I think he remembered me. We will definitely stop back through to check out the gelato. His food was always pretty darn good and his pizza’s stellar. We wish him the best of luck with his expansion. He’s crazy . . . still working everyday in the kitchen. God bless this guy.

Our travels took us upstairs to The Lighthouse An open kitchen off of the bar (non-hard alcohol) and busy this Saturday night. I think we got there at peak time and the kitchen was super busy. These guys were very well orchestrated and busy. I was amazed at their level of kitchen prowess. Each cook knew what was on, and what was expected. They watched each other’s food and plating. If one cook was busy doing something with their back to the stove, someone else was quick to check on the various items that were already on the burner, in the broiler or whatever. Then the favor would be returned if the other cook had his back turned. Someone was always watching the food and knew what was being made or on the burner. They covered each other very well. Something that I rarely see in the classroom without someone asking another to watch his or her stuff. It’s a learned process. It’s a great Chef that makes that level of attention and cooperation possible. Hats off! These guys were rocking. The only thing I saw thrown away was some burnt toast from the broiler. And they were super busy. They were remarkable. We didn’t eat but we’re definitely going back. I did speak with the Chef momentarily to pass him a card and tell him of my acceptance. He was very nice and open. I guess he’s been there for about 3 years or so.

To keep it short . . . check em out. The Lighthouse and Dominic’s. Oceanside harbor, CA.

On our walk back we stopped in Monterey Bay Cannery and had a drink. Earlier they had a live band outside on the patio. The place was busy when the band was playing, but was reasonably empty along our return. We stopped anyway and relaxed some more. Next stop was a 30 second drive to Jolly Roger. I think these are both owned by the same group and they have been there for years. We travel upstairs to the bar to find karaoke . . . I hate karaoke. I realized that I needed someway to swiftly record my thoughts because of all the ladies singing. My thoughts just needed to be recorded!  A quick look around and we decided one drink and that’s it. Oh lord, this could be terrible. I just ignored the singing because none of it was good. Everything was not good . . . I’ll just leave it at that. Maybe I missed something. Maybe there was a nuclear fallout. Maybe a tsunami. This was not a place I belonged. We ordered and drank our cocktails quickly and desired a midnight BBQ of Tri-Tip was in order, and began our momentous drive at midnight in the VW Thing. I somehow got strapped in the back. Luckily it was pretty warm. I have plenty of warmer clothes we keep stocked in the Thing; and Snuggies . . . yes Snuggies, just in case. I ordered up quite the outfit to keep warm. I bet I was a hottie in the back seat that night. LOL!

I don’t know how it was all perceived by the designated driver (wifey), but she said it all went well. The Tri-Tip hit the spot and I didn’t wake until 11am the next morning . . . and I NEVER sleep nearly that late . . . by about 5 hours. I got ruined. Ouch!!!

The next day, wifey suggests the Charger’s game at Mikes BBQ (best around to date) GAME ON! Lets do this. About an hour to get ready and I was already into my first beer. Another hour later, I was already worthless and ready for my first nap. I guess the Chargers won???

Still trying to find The Lighthouse??? Look no further than

I’m giving the next day a serious FOG!!!



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