Grill House Cafe – San Diego, CA – Persian and Mediterranean Cuisine

A recent visit from a contractor at my workplace took us to lunch at the Grill House Cafe, off of Black Mountain Rd. near MCAS Miramar. This provided an enlightening opportunity for something different and close by the workplace.

The Grill House Cafe boasts a healthier “fresh fire-grilled” menu. I hoped for a better meal than my last run-in with a mediterranean (Greek) cafe and I had expectations that the Grill House could enlighten my senses.

We were immediately greeted by what could have been the owner. He asked if we would like something to drink and I replied I would like water . . . and a lot of it, further explaining that it was a hot day and I just finished my workout and was very thirsty. Well they must have had only one size glass because I got the same size as the person I ate with, but I ask him to make sure it stays full. Well my glass ran dry twice during the meal, finally resting comfortably with ice cubes that were sucked and broken into bits from me trying to get water from the Sahara. Didn’t I say I was thirsty and “keep my glass full” ? ? ? AUTOMATIC SERVICE FAILURE – deduct 5%.

The interior of the joint was comfortable and reasonable large and well laid out. It was quite busy, but not extreme; with an eclectic diverse group of worldly looking folks. I decided to play my game safe and order a comparative meal that I use for all mediterranean food houses. Yes, I ordered the Chicken “garden” Salad. This had the correct amount of dressing and the grilled, Turmeric coated, chicken breast chunks were not dried out; and again, I prefer thigh meat.  They were actually quite tasty but the salad was very safe (i.e. romain and a couple of diced tomatoes and an olive). We did share a Hummus appetizer that was pretty good.

Well we finished out food and talked and talked and talked . . . then talked some more. Then finally the contractor I was with got up to pay the tab. I guess we assumed the waiter/owner was to bring the tab to us. As I sucked on the driest piece of ice I had left, I got up to grab a box for the left over gyro. I didn’t quite understand why there was no floor service, since there were other staff kinda standing around in the back.

The food was decent but the service sucked. Maybe they were having an off day. I will probably return, and try something more challenging from the menu.

I give the Grill House Cafe only 2 camels for now.

At least someone would “walk a mile for a Camel” (service here folks!).



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