I see the Lighthouse ! ! ! A prostitute told me not to navigate in that direction!

Ok, well we checked it out . . . and with . . . of all people, the other original CritDick. He vows to become involved. Say’s he doesn’t mind editing/elaborating on humorous facets, however say’s I’m not as good of a writer as he had hoped. I’m throwing the BS towel on that crap! […]

Can anyone see the Lighthouse? In a fog the rest of the weekend!

Adventuresome . . . or some adventure. Where the hell is The Lighthouse? I remember going out for a day of fishing and trusting my instruments. Always trust your instruments, I have been told. Pilots . . . correct me please! As we made our way out of the harbor, the fog quickly encapsulated us and […]

The beans are NOT being counted. Smiles everyone . . . Smiles!

Part one of a two-part story. I had to separate them. So much happened . . . except BB King . . . I’ve found, he wasn’t electrifying! The absolute worst lightning storm I have ever seen. We had scheduled ourselves to attend yet another show at Harrah’s Rincon Casino in Valley Center, CA, a pretty […]

Meeting up with the Mongols . . . then “WHAM!” . . . the ol’ plate to the head.

I thought . . . I was done. I think I actually saw stars, or maybe it’s because I was closer to them in Idyllwild, CA. Met up with a few motley individuals from the motorcycle club “Mongols”; havin’ a beer and breathing in the fresh mountain air. I wasn’t looking for any problems. I was just […]

Grill House Cafe – San Diego, CA – Persian and Mediterranean Cuisine

A recent visit from a contractor at my workplace took us to lunch at the Grill House Cafe, off of Black Mountain Rd. near MCAS Miramar. http://www.grillhousecafe.com/ This provided an enlightening opportunity for something different and close by the workplace. The Grill House Cafe boasts a healthier “fresh fire-grilled” menu. I hoped for a better meal than […]