Recognizing Awesomeness – Jeffery, the Property Mixologist . . .

Ok, since when does there have to be rules? When I make them . . . period. This is my site, my print and my thoughts, so therefore . . . my rules.

Speaking of rules: I once had a Commanding Officer that, during a Formation (Marines) or Quarters (Navy), spoke of the rumored displeasure he had heard from within his organization. I guess there was a bit of dissention amongst the troops, if you will. Now think about some of the leadership in the world . . . Ok, you done thinking? Back to the story. During this formation he got pissed off and took a baseball bat out from behind the podium and placed it on the top next to the microphone and spoke these famous words, “This is my bat and my ball; and if you don’t like the way I play the game . . . I’ll break the bat off in your ass!” Now . . . that’s what I call leadership!!!

Anyway, enough about making rules, I’m here to talk about a dude my Brother-in-Law and I have known for some time now. You see, we go to watch a lot of concerts together (yes we have vowed ourselves as concert buddies) usually from older bands that have had their spotlight and are now performing the Casino Tour, as we call it. Often times the shows are held at Harrah’s Rincon Casino and Resort in Valley Center, CA.  Before each show we usually need to pick up our tickets and have a cocktail with the wives and then we separate and go see the show while the girls go in and work to get us more free tickets (gambling losses = free tickets).

Our cocktail usually always ends up out by the great resort pool area bar and the head Mixologist, Jeffery can always be seen throwing cups and caps through the air while accommodating several free-hand pours at the guests requests. Jeffery has been pouring so long that, yet still required to measure, has his quantities dialed in allowing him the opportunity to free pour when others have to measure. Jeffery also is the showmaster for bar performances. Yes, I guess he has dropped and broken a few bottles in his days. Now, most of what I have just written about may be a heap of speculative BS; but yet, has been confirmed by a drunk dude at the bar one night.

Jeffery is always been there for us in our time of need and always shakes our hand or bumps our fist as he kindly greets us. He’s always happy to serve and of course always happy to receive a tip as well, so we’re sure to keep him happy. Sometimes the bartenders behind that pool bar work super hard depending on the day and the show. That place gets crazy busy.

So today, I’m Recognizing Jeffery’s Awesomeness. Hopefully Jeffery will be at every remaining show this year; and perhaps well into the future, because we actually want to see his handlebar mustache continue to grow!

I give Jeffery 5 olives and a twist.



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