Indoor bowling mall and ale house – A “split” rating!

How many time do you go to a mall and anticipate having a cocktail? You don’t . . . You anticipate meandering aimlessly around from shop to shop . . . shopping or waiting for someone else to shop . . . or otherwise get the shopping over with . . . already!

Well, in Escondido, CA there exists an opportunity to engage in a fun-filled pastime for adults. I’m not talking about bowling . . . I’m talking about drinking and bowling . . . all while the wife shops. Yes, you too can take your kids because they really don’t want to hang with Mom unless she’s buying the latest raging video game or fashionable clothing outfit (girls). But, you can hang with Dad and the guys at a bowling alley and play video games (live) and still strike a rack of pins like there‘s no tomorrow, or perhaps pin a rack like there’s no tomorrow (pun, seriously intended). I mean, there were several beers on tap and that was a positive. Jeez, I thin I confused myself with that one!

What gives? Where’s this at? According to some inside sources, this is the latest rage to hit the mall scene. These have been sprouting everywhere. A bowling alley with services intended for the young and also the young at heart. This place is in Escondido, CA and is called “Tavern Bowl” and it’s located in the Westfield, North County shopping mall in Lower Escondido (LE, with some sort of gangsta hand thing), CA.

They offered a full-service bar and several tapped beer selections along with a decent menu (I say decent, because if you’ve ever had “not so decent”, you’ll understand) for a mall restaurant, bar and bowling alley. Now, how hard can this hospitality venture be. You’re at a mall. Your kids are to shop for Grandma’s Christmas gift and they take a 2 hour break with Dad to have dinner, refreshments and a couple of rounds of the bowl. I’m in ! ! ! I think the kids are in also. I even think the wife is in . . . (She’ll be there after she goes to Nordstrom). I’m telling you, this is the ticket.

Ok, here’s what you’re waiting for. Food was good . . . not great, although I did get the chicken wings that had a garnish of full-length celery, all plated interestingly. I’m used to only the half-length julliene-cut models. This kind of threw me off. But, looking at what I received, I realized this was a creative plate for a mall environment. I liked that!

We didn’t bowl, or have a bowl, or observe a bowl but; yet, watched bowling. Whatever. The place is pretty cool and laid out accordingly. the food was decent and the service was expected for late  lunchtime service (good, proper and with a serious “tip-me” smile). The restaurant is very large. Seemingly plenty of Friday night room to enjoy a cocktail and a bowl.

I kind of like the place and I’m sure I’ll go back if the mood hits me. Until then, you try it. I think I’ll give the place a “split”.



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