Pizza Port – Beer, Pies, and crazy busy Fridays ! ! !

Pizza Port has made a name for themselves. The Carlsbad Village eatery has been around for a long time and established themselves as one of the go to places in the beach area for Friday night.

We haven’t been there in years and a trip back for take-out reminds us that we probably won’t again for several more years.

A small pizza kitchen stuffed with more people than toppings offered on their pizzas. I think the only thing they had more of, was their selection of beer. The beer selection board was full of numerous local ales, ambers, IPAs and browns from their own breweries and a host of others. We were able to escape with a growler before we were scurried out the door with our pizzas by the mobs of standing room only crowd. Inside and out, this place was packed with beach hotties (yes male hotties as well), not so hotties and plain old pizza bellies.

The pizza is a good pie. Their crusts are hearty and textured well. One might say they are California style since they are thicker than New York style, yet not deep dish like Chicago style. I liked the crusts; although the whole grain Garlic Veggie seemed to be lacking the deeper flavor than the San Francisco on original crust. I think it was the lack of salt in the dough. Perhaps I’m wrong . . . ok, that makes twice!

Pizza Port is a place to see and be seen. Next to nothing attire is welcome and keep your eyes on your stuff . . . so many people packed in, you’ll lose your seat. But that’s ok, just hold on to your babe . . . they may come up missing.

The beer was good, the pizza was good. I’m going to give this place three warehouses. They need more space on Fridays.



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