Incredible – Johnny Walker and Smirnoff Ice

I thought this incredibly interesting. My stats for the last week, and I have not posted, seem to all be views of posts from international viewers searching for “Jack Daniels”. I posted something several weeks ago that included a picture of the Jack Daniels girls.

My interest consumed me . . . however, my writing lacked. I have been busy and non-inspired. I hate it when that happens. Sorry to all my faithful.

So I decided to try something relevent to the hits I’ve been getting. I looked up the most popular international alcoholic liquors around the world. Although I was unable to find the same list I first acquired, I am able to remember Bacardi, Jägermeister, Smirnoff, Johnny Walker, Jack Daniels, Absolute Vodka, Baily’s . . . Ok, that’s the limit on my brain. I just wanted to get some of those on the list so I can see if I get more hits based on those terms. Enough of the BS! Lets talk about something that really matters . . . food!

I have been very busy making everything known to man, that involves tomato, basil and ? ? ? I have so much of those two plantation ingredients, yet we have not run out of steam with how to prepare and utilize those ingredients. I’ve just been consumed and have not sat and written about anything. Again, sorry!

Let’s talk about restaurants.

Jamrock 101, on Hwy 101 just north of Encinitas Blvd on Pacific Coast Highway (101) on the Southern California coast. Jamrock is a Caribbean/reggae themed establishment that serves up the creole/cajun/Caribbean plates that will satisfy even the most average customer. Just wasn’t for me. I thought their Jerk Chicken was weak. At the front counter they had Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning in a jar at the front counter, yet I failed to detect the authenticness of the seasoning the restaurant claims to feature.

I was also lured into trying the “special” . . . fried calamari. I should know better . . . never get the special! It was a squid steak cut into fish-stick sized tasters that were either under or over cooked with their flavorless breading (less than 3, more than 30 rule applies here). I believe that’s squid is to be cooked less than 3 minutes or more than 30 minutes to achieve tenderness. These were cooked somewhere between those numbers. Anyways, the server kicked ass. He was great except I had to ask for water twice. No biggie . . . just not a full tip! I thought their “Jerk Ranch Dressing” had flavor, just my som pointed out that it had too much vinegar. I thought it pretty good though.

Another place of recognition involves motor sports. I LIKE MOTOR SPORTS ! ! !

We went to K1 Speedway. It’s a go-cart race track on steroids. The cars are electric (very quick, very responsive, electric motors) and the track is very competitive. Ouch, this old guy has bruises all over from cornering and trying to beat my , half-aged, eldest son. He beat me by less than a second. They did, however have a full service food counter (not!) that included popcorn, nachos and roller hot dogs (those things are good though).

I got my ass beat down, and still feeling the repercussions.

Ok, I did it, and enough of this. I just wanted to vent.

Enjoy the food and services of life. Keep focused and in tune with what you eat. I’ll write about it, here at



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