Recognizing Awesomeness – Jeffery, the Property Mixologist . . .

Ok, since when does there have to be rules? When I make them . . . period. This is my site, my print and my thoughts, so therefore . . . my rules. Speaking of rules: I once had a Commanding Officer that, during a Formation (Marines) or Quarters (Navy), spoke of the rumored displeasure he […]

Not the military I remember – Sonic, Coco’s, McDonalds?

Something about traveling around military installations nowadays and seeing a variety of name brand restaurants and then some that are just as small as a local corner deli. Yup, the days of the enlisted club, the senior enlisted club and the officer’s club have given way to fast food giants like McDonalds, Sonic, Dominos and […]

The Dalai Lama kicks-ass. KISS, Caddyshack and Crickets

I recently spoke with 3 of our local Chula Vista law enforcement officials that happened to be standing under the same tree as I during their patrol at a recent event. So I asked the officers if they knew what role they play in the hospitality business of this event. Like every good, sharp law enforcement officer, they kinda stared at me for […]