Diner out back…ever wonder?

I did…so I stopped. At the Lake Wolford Cafe. Well, they claim to have famous catfish. Ok, give me some…for breakfast…on a Sunday? Eggs are…well, eggs. Over easy, from a greasy spoon, is just that…eggs. The home fries tasted like the deep fat fryer needed changing. Something like that…I’m not sure. Had a jacked up taste…must be the fat. Change that shit once in a … Continue reading Diner out back…ever wonder?

Hey, Mom! The meatloaf! We want it now! The meatloaf!”

“Pinks” may be a mainstay in Los Angeles, as is Tommy’s Original Hamburgers, or maybe it’s even a Hollywood tradition, but tonight Pinks was seemingly just a dog…just a hot dog. I guess you can say the dog itself was good…as good as a dog can be, but everything else I ordered was just status quo. Eating at this place was to fill the void tonight. … Continue reading Hey, Mom! The meatloaf! We want it now! The meatloaf!”

The 4th of July?…or just in the blood!

Desiring to fulfill the great american dream of watching fireworks for the 4th of July landed my wife, son and I in the great town of Port Hueneme. Where the hell is Port Hueneme? Who cares? We were on the beach watching the crowds develop along the water’s edge in gloom-cloudy weather, tossin’ a few back and enjoying a fresh Churchill. The master plan included grilled Rib-eye … Continue reading The 4th of July?…or just in the blood!

Brat’s Brothers – Sherman Oaks, CA. – – – Not your ordinary doughnut shop!

What has become almost a tradition, is now more of a pain in the ass. Venturing to far-off lands on a road trip and desiring to stop the car, pee and eat something, has now become more of a burden than an adventure. I’m talking about finding just the right place along the road, family in tow, and now needing to stop. Damn sophisticated  GPS systems only tell … Continue reading Brat’s Brothers – Sherman Oaks, CA. – – – Not your ordinary doughnut shop!

Recognizing Awesomeness – 4th of July

I mean really…look at these. Look at this presentation. Is this just not the most awesome display of an artfully created celebration gift. Made “By Grace”, this 4th of July basket was created by my Sister-in-Law for one of her clients. “By Grace” cake pops are available for all occasions, in a variety of colors and flavors. She can provide these handcrafted deserts for any … Continue reading Recognizing Awesomeness – 4th of July

Vintana – Lexus of Escondido

Set as a direct competitor to Stone Brewing World Bistro and Garden in Escondido, CA, Chef Deborah Scott and the Cohn Group have set up camp in a very large eclectic venue overlooking a sea of Lexus automobiles; yet feebly elevated slightly above the Escondido Target store shopping promenade, Interstate 15 and the picturesque Escondido Auto Park. http://www.cohnrestaurants.com/menu-restaurants/vintana-wine-dine/ An afternoon cocktail on the Lanai, placed directly in the … Continue reading Vintana – Lexus of Escondido