So check this out. We have these psycho tomato plants growing in our back yard.Today, although not Sunday, as would be traditionally and biblically correct for Italians, I decided to make a fresh marinara…from fresh tomatoes. I just decided to give you the pics…with an occasional smattering of words for simplistic understanding for all of the non-Italians (I think I’ll just leave that one alone). Enjoy!

Had fun making this…so throw that sauce over top o’some pasta and you’re done!!!



  1. Hey Chief—wanted to check out your blog—Allison is my daughter and I got to spend a lot of time in San Diego when Allison was in the Navy—this is quite a neat site—-great job—humorous which makes it even better!!

    1. Hello Allison’s Mom,

      I just realized you were one of my first responders to this blog. I just found this lurking in the underbrush. I’m sorry I didn’t respond to you sooner. Yes, I think of Allison often since I do much of the same work as before when she worked with me and remember how well she did the job.

      I hope you are still a reader.

      Almost done with my schooling once again.

      Thanks for writing.


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