Fresh tomato marinara – how to make! – pictorial

So check this out. We have these psycho tomato plants growing in our back yard.Today, although not Sunday, as would be traditionally and biblically correct for Italians, I decided to make a fresh marinara…from fresh tomatoes. I just decided to give you the pics…with an occasional smattering of words for simplistic understanding for all of the non-Italians (I think I’ll just leave that one alone). Enjoy!

Had fun making this…so throw that sauce over top o’some pasta and you’re done!!!



2 thoughts on “Fresh tomato marinara – how to make! – pictorial

  1. Heather Strang July 15, 2012 — 9:45 pm

    Hey Chief—wanted to check out your blog—Allison is my daughter and I got to spend a lot of time in San Diego when Allison was in the Navy—this is quite a neat site—-great job—humorous which makes it even better!!

    1. Hello Allison’s Mom,

      I just realized you were one of my first responders to this blog. I just found this lurking in the underbrush. I’m sorry I didn’t respond to you sooner. Yes, I think of Allison often since I do much of the same work as before when she worked with me and remember how well she did the job.

      I hope you are still a reader.

      Almost done with my schooling once again.

      Thanks for writing.


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