Diner out back…ever wonder?

I did…so I stopped. At the Lake Wolford Cafe.

Well, they claim to have famous catfish. Ok, give me some…for breakfast…on a Sunday?

Eggs are…well, eggs. Over easy, from a greasy spoon, is just that…eggs. The home fries tasted like the deep fat fryer needed changing. Something like that…I’m not sure. Had a jacked up taste…must be the fat. Change that shit once in a while.

The catfish was actually good. Moist, tender, crunchy exterior. Famous??? I dunno!

I still have yet to find any cafe, Denny’s or other establishment that can make “English muffin toasted “”extra well””…” Jeez…burn that shit! I like mine to have texture.

Service and hospitality were good.

Don’t know if I’ll ever go back…I was just in the area.



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