Hey, Mom! The meatloaf! We want it now! The meatloaf!”

“Pinks” may be a mainstay in Los Angeles, as is Tommy’s Original Hamburgers, or maybe it’s even a Hollywood tradition, but tonight Pinks was seemingly just a dog…just a hot dog. I guess you can say the dog itself was good…as good as a dog can be, but everything else I ordered was just status quo. Eating at this place was to fill the void tonight. I guess it fulfilled its intended purpose.

Jack Daniels “micro”-shot tasters were being sampled. The weather was very warm outside. Tonight at Harrah’s Rincon Casino in Valley Center, California the pretty girls walked around the outdoor pool bar area asking if we wanted to try Jack Daniels. Uh…what gives? How many times do you go to a bar and free samples of a legendary beverage are being given away? . . . Never! At least I’ve never experienced that. Maybe because I don’t frequent bars. Ok, maybe I drink frequently when at bars…but I don’t just go to bars…and drink. I take my shot, and ask the girl, “so where’s the real schwag…the other free stuff, the t-shirts?” Knowing that if they’re there to sample products, they must have other giveaways. Jack Daniels has been around a long time. For them to be offering samples at a bar was unusual in my mind…sales must have dwindled over the years…the economy…who knows. “I think I might have one more t-shirt”, the sampling sales girl says to me. “I’ll be right back”, she finishes her sampling tray to other potential patrons. I guess no-one else heard me because she shows up with a free black Jack Daniels t-shirt. Score! Then everyone around me wants one. She tells them politely, “I only had one…sorry!” I totally got lucky. Came to a casino, was busy throwing back the cold ones, and I’m the only person to get a shirt…for freeeeeeee! Come on Jack… make your sales approach more enticing. Even the girls could have used some help…sorry girls, they just weren’t that “sales” attractive.

Well, in my opinion, the Jack Daniels company went in the wrong direction with this promo. They weren’t giving away any other schwag that would help drive their sales, no discounted drink offers, no t-shirt if you bought or ordered something. Just giving away a sample, hoping to re-acquaint you with their product. Hmmmm, maybe it’s a Southern California marketing strategy. Maybe trying to boost sales to match the amount of Tequila we drink out here. Dunno! Don’t care…I got a free t-shirt. Jack…next time send in the heat…like what’s pictured here!!!

Back into the Casino to get some food before the big event and having many options from which to choose, my Brother-in-Law (concert partner) suggests Pinks. I really didn’t feel like a hot dog, but I figured the line was short, and I just needed to eat something before we went into the concert venue. He also suggested I wait until we “get inside” the outdoor stage area, because there’s a BBQ stand in there. I’m about tired of BBQ. It has become way too popular lately, and every corner seems to be setting up a new establishment, and they all mostly suck. “Pinks it is”, I say. Wanting to really taste the menu (they say I’ve eaten her before…hick-up,…but, I don’t remember…) I ordered the “stretch” dog with mustard, sauerkraut and chili. So I ask the cashier what the difference was between the “stretch” dog and the regular “9-inch” dog. Her reply was, “it’s the same thing…just with added condiments”. Whatever…, that’s pretty lame. So, the side of coleslaw, I ordered, reminded me of KFC coleslaw; very plain, very predictable…and very nasty. I think I had about 5 bites and tried to push it on my concert counterpart. He avoided it like an Asian prostitute…or transvestite…whichever! I also ordered the very predictable onion rings…again, very predictable. But, speaking of rings…

Before the show, I had been finishing a Volkswagen Bug rebuild that included a fresh motor with new pistons and rings (yes, I do have other talents…way too many). Now, do you see the relationship between food and cars? Finally getting it on the road after sitting for a year, it was time to celebrate. I was proud of myself because I haven’t played with the VW’s in years. This is a project I’m facilitating (also doing the most work) with my eldest son. Well, it’s finally on the road again. This time, hopefully for good!

Show time! Upon entering the Casino, our tickets were “upgraded” to the reserved section “back row”. We went in, sat in our “upgraded” seats, then quickly moved to the better seats in General Admission, for tonight was a special show. Someone whom we’ve never seen…nor, did we ever think we would see…nor, “WILL” I ever go see again…

Now sitting and listening to a kick-off entertainer (two guys playing guitars, and singing), the night was closing in on us. The show was to start at 8pm. It was now 8:20 and the kick-off show had departed. Now, if you understand stage set-up and entertainment, you’ll understand this. The stage hands remove the microphones and stands…pause, pause, pause. A couple of guys come out and make a few quick stage adjustments and…pause, pause, pause. The night is now here, the temperature has just dropped about 10 degrees and we’re sitting in General Admission sipping our cocktails. Pause, pause, pause…waiting…getting colder…pause, pause, pause. The stage hands have cleared. and the stage remains empty. Pause, pause, pause…30 minutes goes by…

All I could think about tonight was “Hey, Mom! The Meatloaf! We want it now! The meatloaf!” We were here on free Casino tickets to watch Meatloaf. If you have never heard of this character, I suggest you Wikipedia him. He has had some success in the past with film and a couple of albums, and has a very narrow following. Asking amongst ourselves, “are we now considered Meatheads?”, making reference to Grateful Dead followers as “Deadheads”. The venue was quite empty, so that’s why our General Admission seats were better than the back row of the reserved. We have been to this venue before and knew of the seating strategy. Again I think of the movie “Wedding Crashers”, in which Will Ferrell yells to his mom, ” “Hey, Mom! The Meatloaf! We want it now! The meatloaf!” I ask myself, “what is taking this guy so long”? Again…pause, pause, pause… I already had reservations about seeing this show. Is it really worth it?

Meathead…, I mean Meatloaf, finally comes out and starts with his theatrical BS that I anticipated. He played a recognizable song or two, then we left. We only stayed for a short time…get it…”short time”…Asian prositutes…

Pinks should serve Meatloaf sandwiches…and Meatloaf should…come on stage on time!

Now you’ve heard my rants for the night.



11 thoughts on “Hey, Mom! The meatloaf! We want it now! The meatloaf!”

  1. speaking of meatloaf…we need grandma to remember how she makes her meatloaf..it’s the best! I thought you were going to talk about her meatloaf in this post, I am very dissapointed 😦 But, it was pretty funny anyways.

  2. I could have told you Pinks was nothing special because I have been there, domiciled, as I am, with the six wiener dogs and the Big Dog (hubby) about three thousand feet directly above you on Palomar Mountain, typing away on my blog and feeding the zoo. I saw Jane Fonda at Harrah’s and that was pretty cool except for the geezer Boomer making a play for her from the audience by standing up and ranting about Janes poor reception here at home after she went to North Vietnam and ranted to the Communists about the poor reception they were getting in the States. She was embarrassed. I had the same problem with the crap seating and looooong delays and the cold auditorium. These people really do hate their jobs.

    1. Hi Ann,

      We travel up the hill every once in a while when there’s snow, usually for a day’s escape with our dogs and any remaining kids that happen to be foraging from Mom and Dad. I wrote a tale about our last trip up when we visited Mother’s. Read about it here: https://critdicks.com/2013/02/10/30-minutes-to-the-beach-or-bac-o-bits-you-choose/

      Thanks for visiting.


  3. You’re making me hungry. Thanks so much for following me on Cold nonetheless 🙂

    1. We’re all hungry and it carries us into different predicaments. That’s what I write about.

      Thanks for signing up!


  4. You managed to make me miss both Pinks and Tommys! Thanks for following WordBowlbyMsCharlieS and thanks for introducing me to YOUR blog!

    1. Tommy’s and I go back in history to quite the significance. I hope you get Tommy’s soon.

      Thanks for watching!


  5. Now I’m starving…

    Sorry to hear the show was such a miss. What took them so long with the adjustments? Usually that’s like 20 minutes tops (in my experience at least) so wtf?

    1. I think it was Loaf himself. The stage was done and ready.

      Thanks for the comment.


  6. Thanks for following my blog. I will follow yours as well. beebeesworld

    1. Awesome. Enjoy the times ahead!


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