The Devil’s Throat (Garganta del Diablo)

So making pizza’s tonight in the oven…I’m so gonna be busted.

I make this veggie pizza… and what started as a small perforation (hole) during assembly, turned into a festering flesh-eating bacteria, getting bigger and bigger. Kind of resembled The Devil’ Throat. This thing dumped about 1/3 of the pizza’s toppings into the bottom of the oven. Smoke and Plames (flames)…Smoke and Plames (flames). Well not the flames…but lots of smoke. Sorry, I was just making a Naval reference. My wife is gonna kick my ass when she fires up the oven during her next bake-fest. Oh well!

Pizzas still came out good, of course…really? It’s me… Really? It was just funny to see the thing literally dumping its contents onto the bottom of the oven…really nothing you can do, but laugh, and yell “Smoke and Plames (flames).

OK…, “Plames” is how the Philipino Chiefs (CPO’s) sounded when going to “General Quarters” during the ship’s fire fighting and emergency drills. Ha Ha Ha “Smoke and Plames”. They couldn’t say Puel (fuel) either.



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