San Diego’s Best – Gauchito Argentine Grill

I’m just going to call it the best in San Diego. Gauchito Argentine Grill . We really don’t have many from which to choose. So fortunate to have the best right nearby!

Traveling through San Marcos, we’ve stopped here before; and desiring to try again, often stopped by to find them closed on Sundays. Well, today was Wednesday and I happened to be in the area. I’m thinking, “I’m gonna pick up some empanadas for the family”. We are used to empanadas from Los Angeles’ “Catalina Market” and these are just as good or better. I have issues making empanadas. I can’t seem to get the dough right or the filling. I’ll keep trying…to be continued!

I just happened to be there just before their short closing (3-5pm daily). They use their closure time for dinner service preparation. I was fortunate enough to catch the owner. Turns out, she’s the founder and previous owner of Pampas Argentine Grill on Aero Drive in San Diego, the only good Argentine restaurant before she sold it. She and the original Pampas chef had started a new venture right near my house. I didn’t know the relationship. I think Pampas is still good to this day.

I met her…Celeste…the owner of Pampas…really??? I was stoked! I talked with her extensively, milking her for every ounce of information I could, yet not enough to totally intrude and keep her from their break time. I showed up just before 3pm (short closing). She was very friendly and open to conversation. My food was awesome, yet predictable. I guess I knew what to expect…I expected excellent, and I got excellent empanadas. I also ordered short ribs. They were similar to what I can make…but then again I married into an Argentine family, so a certain amount rubs off…just not the empanadas. I’m going to get that one mastered…and I have a family source. I just have to come up with the right ploy…or money! One of these days!

To summarize: Bull Shit…just go there, they are very good!



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