Recognizing Awesomeness! – Dr. Evil

I’ve written about this guy in the past. He’s a co-worker that really is the only one on our staff that get’s excellent culinary inspiration from the same thing as I. He really is a capable cook…consitantly bringing to the workplace creations worth recognizing.

I arrive one morning to a note. I get to work at 6am and he’s the only one that beats me.  I think he suffers from the same sleeping issue as I…my family calls it “active bowel syndrome”, in which you wake early…just ’cause… and I’ll just leave it at that. Well, Dr. Evil is a name I’m using with him from now on. I was going to call him “The Mad Doctor”, but Dr. Evil just seems fitting. As many of you may know, I’m the original “Dr. Evil” amongst several family members, so I really had to think about my reservations for the re-use.

Dr. Evil (he’s the only person in our office with a PHD), is a Wildlife Biologist so most of his shit (discussions and conversation) is demented and void of any realization of human understanding and interactional relationship. He’s a scientist for Pete’s sake. A great guy…but an absolutely awesome cook!

The note read “Chuck’s Spicy Cajun Pancit”. First thing I asked him…before I tried it was, “What the hell do you know about Pancit”. His reply was “I kinda like it, and just wanted to make something”. He brought in this contraption that had a very interesting appeal. It had color, texture, and flavor. Ingredients included some kind of Japanese mushroom (he forgot the name), Gulf Shrimp, Crawfish and Alligator. Hell, I guess now the question is, “What does Alligator taste like?” My answer is, “It tastes like chicken”, ’cause that’s what I thought it was. He also had plenty of broken (not crushed) red chili pepper to add the heat, texture and color.

I quickly complimented him on his execution. The noodles were perfectly cooked and not broken/destroyed. The spiciness was firm…but not killer, and the entire dish was spiced flawlessly. Well done! I even brought a sample home so the family could check it out.

Although I’m probably only going to buy him one…Chuck’s ability of awesomeness in the kitchen has earned him 4 bottles of inspiration!



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