Miramar Cafe… Or, some people have no clue!

Sounded like it might have a possibility,

The Miramar Cafe on Miramar Rd just outside the West Gate of MACS Miramar near San Diego promised fast service and specialties of Greek, American and Mexican cuisine. I anticipated a popular local, and good, comfort food emporium in which to hail…and claim as a close-to-work sneak out! Well my guess is that the homely Greek girl married the American serviceman and hired Mexicans to work in the kitchen, as is very typical here in So Cal. I think though, the homely the Greek girl wasn’t paying attention while watching her mother in the kitchen.

I was summoned to join some workmates for lunch, understanding that this place was recommended by one of the office staff…Yikes! Like I’ve said before, “scary what some people consider “really good” food”.

My boss and I arrived late, just as the other office staff was receiving their plates. It took the server 5 table trips (about 10 minutes), while dropping off plates, to acknowledge us with an “I’ll be right with you”. Everyone at the table ordered the American food (i.e. hamburger, club sandwich with fries etc). My boss and I ordered Greek. He a gyro, and I, a Greek chicken salad. My plate arrived 20 minutes after ordering. Everyone else at the table had just finished their meals. I received a large plate full of lettuce and I think 3 Kalamata Olives…with the pits and 1/2 of a tomato cut in thirds. There was a fair portion of very dry thigh or probably leg meat chicken adequately spiced. The salad was like the iceberg lettuce mix from Costco and mixed field green salad, also from Costco. The dressing was a bottled Greek or Creamy Italian, probably also from Costco…but I doubt it…it wasn’t even that quality. It just plain sucked! They also served some kind of overly white Tzatziki sauce that was void of any flavor. Oh, they did serve it with 1/2 of a pita. Really? Half? At $9.45 you’d think they could at least give you the whole pita.

Bottom line, I’m going to give this place the big single bottle of Ouzo…’cause I’m going to need a hallucination to make this place appear in a dream!


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