The circus is in town!

Not quite like going to see the circus. It was missing the elephants.

Students from the Art Institute, San Diego presented their Capstone projects for display at the San Diego Air and Space Museum in Balboa Park yesterday. Some of them did a remarkable job, others…better go back to class.

I showed  my display for promoting this website. I had fun talking with many people. All in all, a good time. There was a lot of food being provided by most of the culinary students and there were other displays from the Graphic Arts Department, Fashion Design and Sound Reproduction Departments. About 75% of the displays were just culinary. Now I know where the school gets their money.

I was kind of surprised that many culinary students actually used mayonnaise in their samples, since they were to be sitting out…more remarkable was that people were eating those samples. I must confess, I dropped my guard and ate a macaroni salad that was highly recommended. I don’t know why…I just don’t know why. I swear I had a belly ache last night. I remember thinking while eating it, “why am I eating this?…, it tastes like plain mac salad. What is so good about this? Am I missing something?” Sheesh…some people. Now I feel like a jackass. One thing I have made a conscious effort to do since my Sanitation and Safety class was to avoid certain foods (i.e. macaroni salad) at workplace potlucks. This was a similar environment, yet the students “have been trained” to the same standard as I. Reality today is that most mayonnaises are processed through pasteurization (heating ) or made from hydrogenated oils (adding hydrogen to the oil base, forcing the oils to become stabilized)…which makes them far safer, and last much, much longer than those mayonnaises made from just raw eggs. Still, the limitation of spoilage and food-born illness still exists. When I have a party and decide to serve a room temperature pasta or potato salad I strictly avoid mayonnaise or cream based recipes. Hell, I usually always avoid recipes all together. I will just use olive oil and maybe a vinegar based dressing. Something that will last at room temperature. A bottled vinaigrette can also be used for you folks that just don’t know any better. I usually avoid eating those at potlucks also. Once I taste them, I’m like…uh…NO! Any way I didn’t start to write tonight about the salad…I was supposed to comment on the circus.

I forgot what it was like to create a project for a school science fair project except when I help my kids…then again, I try to let them handle it themselves and they always have done a good job. Usually I only provide technical assistance when heavy machinery or huge messy techniques are about to be employed.

So today some of the students did great. It was like a crock-pot symposium at the Betty Crocker cook-off or something. I spoke with many people and forced my business card on many folks. Reality was, I had my display in a prominent location separating two tables displaying  food. People would just walk around me, not even give my table a glance (I had no food) and take another sample from the next table. I finally moved my table in the middle of the floor, now I had some traffic from both sides. It was a strategic marketing move…he, he, he. I like that “Strategic Marketing Move”. Yeah that’s it…

So I’m not going to post this to FaceBook yet because I want to see how many people go directly to the website. I’ll repost to FaceBook later.

Have fun in life…you could’ve just tasted mayonnaise. This event gets 3 eggs.


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