Having thoughts of suicide? Read this…

Casually reading Facebook posts should not be exhaustive, frustrating or even upsetting; yet we find ourselves reading other’s postings that are rants, raves and sometimes announcements. I think it was Paramore’s Hayley Williams that wrote “Whoa, it was never my intention to brag” when talking about stealing a boy; but holding bragging rights is something special unless it is somehow relinquished, lost or stolen. The same holds true for accomplishing an amazing feat, winning a top-level sport or becoming Valedictorian. But when someone tells you of eating at one of the most recognized culinary art studios in the world …you just want to… I won’t say it! OK I will…you’re a DICK!

My nephew somehow finagles a dining reservation to Alinea in Chicago.  Opened in 2005, Alinea, and its Chef and owner Grant Achatz are known for the preparations and unusual “deconstructions” of classic food flavors (yes, stolen from Wikipedia). In 2010 Alinea became one of only two restaurants to receive the Michelin Guide highest rating of 3-stars. In 2011 Alinea was ranked #6 worldwide. Something like that. Grant Achatz has also sculpted his successful endeavors in the culinary trade with his extensive studies and creations using “molecular gastronomy”. Wow…what’s that? In laymen’s terms, molecular gastronomy breaks food ingredients down to their molecular structure, then rebuilds them into a different shape or form. An example would be having ten spoons laid out with different pastes, liquids or perhaps a spice. Eating one spoon’s ingredients and then the next and so on, with each flavor building on the next; by the time you reach the last spoonful, you may experience a T-bone steak dinner with mashed potatoes. Anyway, dinners at this place generally run a couple hundred dollars per person and take several hours to complete the presentation. That’s if you can get a seat. I’m jealous…yet in admiration. I just hope I remember to talk with him about the experience. He has definitely won bragging rights. In the meantime, I’ll have “two tacos” (Jack-in-the-Box).

Good Job!


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