Food that’s more than “Fair”!

The San Diego County Fair – formerly the Del Mar Fair, presented a certain level of anticipation and grotesque thoughts of diving elbow-deep into a world of fried artichoke hearts, bacon-wrapped turkey legs and deep-fried Kool-Aid. I was processing delusional thoughts of having a churning sensation in my belly while singing “That’s the way I like it” along with KC and […]

San Diego’s Best – Gauchito Argentine Grill

I’m just going to call it the best in San Diego. Gauchito Argentine Grill . We really don’t have many from which to choose. So fortunate to have the best right nearby! Traveling through San Marcos, we’ve stopped here before; and desiring to try again, often stopped by to find them closed on Sundays. Well, today […]

Miramar Cafe… Or, some people have no clue!

Sounded like it might have a possibility, The Miramar Cafe on Miramar Rd just outside the West Gate of MACS Miramar near San Diego promised fast service and specialties of Greek, American and Mexican cuisine. I anticipated a popular local, and good, comfort food emporium in which to hail…and claim as a close-to-work sneak out! […]

Gin and Juice – the real deal about The Pechanga BBQ Championships!

I was excited to visit my first food competition event. This was in Temecula, CA. I guess that’s kinda appropriate. There were many competitors and a handful of vendors. Busy but not crowded. The event was scheduled from 10am to 6pm. We arrived, hungry, at 1pm to find most of the chicken was gone. Having just rocked […]

Having thoughts of suicide? Read this…

Casually reading Facebook posts should not be exhaustive, frustrating or even upsetting; yet we find ourselves reading other’s postings that are rants, raves and sometimes announcements. I think it was Paramore’s Hayley Williams that wrote “Whoa, it was never my intention to brag” when talking about stealing a boy; but holding bragging rights is something special unless […]

Mystery ingredient – “I’m Asian…just as good as a chef”!

When you bring a fresh fruit or vegetable into my workplace, you may just have brought in the “mystery ingredient”. In my workplace, as with many office places, there are similarities. There is a mini kitchen complete with refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven and a giant drawer of mismatched utensils including a fist full of dull knives that I continually try to […]

ABV = alcohol by volume. Arggh!…Another damn Gopher!

Watching the Stanley Cup playoff game number 2 with my visiting Brother-in-Law, eldest son, youngest son, and this bartender that says she writes. She said she wants to write about beer…and that she knows a thing or two about the hops. We’ll see ’bout that…if she chimes in. I last wrote about this joint and […]