Patrolled by security? Dude I just stopped here…

How odd is this? I found a very interesting little hideout in, of all places… in a business area (small, old, business park). This place is called Bud’s Louisiana Cafe Now, reading a bit about the history, I may have happened upon a little gem.

While stopping briefly to…well…relieve myself after leaving the class in which I teach, and on the way to one of my evening culinary classes,…well I forgot to…you know, take care of business before I left, and I really needed to take care of things, NOW!. So off of the main road “Balboa Avenue”, I was trying to find a spot where I would be out-of-the-way, I found this old business area. I’m thinking, “perfect, this place is deserted”.

While searching for just the right bush or dumpster to duck behind, I happen to see this place called Bud’s with a sign on the window that say’s “Alligator Burgers”. I’ve only known one other place that made those…”Crazy Burger”, also in San Diego. I peered in the window to a closed establishment in a business park. What intrigued me was that this didn’t appear to be the normal business park delicatessen that I’m used to seeing sporadically in other business areas; those deli’s presumably trying to attract lunch-time crowds into a simple, low-cost kitchen that steers clear of expensive restaurant kitchen equipment, hoods, ventilation and fire sprinkler systems. Well this place didn’t seem quite the same as others. I noticed a stack of carry-with-you menus, so I grab one…just before I grab something else. Now I’m holding two things.

My back is turned toward the parking area, with the paper menu now under my arm, I hear a car behind me grinding the gears. I look over my shoulder to see an older Jeep Cherokee with a car-full of people…mostly females. Uh…Awkward! A guy’s voice asks me, “is there a security that patrols around here”? I reply, part in voice, part in action…that I just came here to take care of business and I don’t know. As I’m straightening myself for presentation the menu slips from under my arm. A female voice says. “you dropped your paper”. I said “It’s just a menu”. She asked if I was a chef…I laughed, and told her it was from next door, that I just happened to stop here and I saw it was  a Louisiana Cafe. She asked if it was any good because… She just started going on. I gave her the menu and told her to check it out herself. I think she was one of those constant talkers. They finally drove off, grinding gears on the way out…she was still talking. I grabbed another menu for myself and began to read. I quickly noticed that this is a restaurant that fits outside of the mold.

It is known that restauranteurs are some of the hardest working people on the planet, in order to make their restaurant succeed, they need to spend countless hours from before breakfast until after the late night crowd….unless, you can find a niche and just open for a couple of hours and still maintain a home life. One look at the menu revealed a very eclectic combination steering well clear of the delicatessen foods. This was full-blown Louisiana Cajun Creole cuisine. Reading the history about this place and its founder from the website, I now want to go back for lunch or an early dinner. You’ll notice there are very limited hours, and yet the menu quite diverse.

So I’m coming back…hopefully soon, and maybe drag a foodie buddy with me. It’s only five minutes from work. I’m on it.


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