Napkins…it’s all about the napkins!

Tried another…and not just another mexican food hole in the wall…this one was in fact…a hole in the wall.

Lourdes Mexican Food located inside of the back wall of the El Norte Car Wash at 615 El Norte Pkwy in Escondido, CA. I was told Lourdes has been inside for 5 years. I have long taken my car to get washed and waxed there but, just today, decided to try out the Mexican food. I guess it’s something about mexican food in a gas station.

I ordered just about one of everything, except the chicken soup. Once home, I discovered that their claim is to have “The Best Chicken Soup in Town”. Next time,…and there will be a next time,…I WILL try the chicken soup!

First thing I noticed was the very orderly and seemingly clean kitchen. They were very fast and efficient. The service staff was very nice and accommodating…at least from a fast food counter…in the hole…at the back of a gas station, kind of accommodating way. Whatever!

Well, I took my $38 order home. I open the bags and immediately noticed the stack of napkins. These aren’t just your ordinary Mexican food hole in the wall napkins. You know…the kind that you can’t even blow your nose in without blowing through. These napkins were of a good quality, large Italian nose, heavy blowing style. You could rotate these things several times to clean out the last bit of mucus from the membranes. Maybe, even the good Costco (Kirkland) food service type. I quickly set those aside for later testing.

I took a bite of everything I ordered except the California burritos (2). I really just don’t like them. I also ordered a Carne Asada Burrito (1); good…not over the top. I ordered (2) regular Quesadilla. Again good…but, not over the top. A (2) Beef Taco plate, with rice and beans. The beans were tasty and the rice was…well,… the beans were tasty. I also ordered (2) Carnitas Tacos…now that was OUTSTANDING! Probably some of the most tasty Carnitas I have ever had. I don’t know, but I thought it to be really good. I also got some carrots and Jalapenos. I was told by the young lady serving me that I would really like the carrots…and again, OUTSTANDING! By the way (BTW), the salsas were just OK. All that food for $38. I didn’t think it to be too bad for that amount of food…and that quality of napkins. After I finished sampling everything, I stuffed the napkins in a drawer in the house for later testing. I probably won’t report on those since I will probably never use them, except to give a good cleansing blow some day. Almost as soft and durable as a good soothing Kleenex.

Lourdes…give ’em a try!


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