BBQ attempt – just the ol’ Roadhouse in San Marcos

I’m finally getting some writing time due to being caught up at home and work has slowed a bit. Today we caught lunch and the movie “Avengers”. Pretty good movie, lunch was a let down.

We decided to try a fresh name on an old Roadhouse that used to be in San Marcos. Turns out to be almost identical inside as the previous steakhouse. It was called Cool Hand Luke’s Wild West Grill. They seemed to be a bit short staffed because it took about 3 minutes for someone to greet us. We were hoping to try out some ribs to compare against Mikes in Escondido, only to find they served only St Louis Style pork ribs. Now if you’re a reader of my crankiness and belligerent posts, you’ll know that I have yet to find anything that resembles food recommended from the lazy “Arched” city.

We ordered a “Blossom” onion…, hmmm that sounds kinda familiar, as an appetizer, but waited long enough for us to ask amongst ourselves, “didn’t we order an appetizer”, then it seemed to miraculously arrive. Yup, just like the Bloomin’ Onion from Outback…but the batter failed to stay on the onion. The entre’s didn’t seem to be too late. The kids ordered burgers that looked pretty good and had a good-sized fresh patty…I think it was fresh…it looked kinda fresh…it tasteed OK. The fries were tasty, but limp and not fresh from the fryer. Booo! I ordered a Flank Steak Salad. The steak was already cool when it got to me and the salad was missing the crumbled Blue Cheese and Avocado. I asked for them and the server asked, “do you still want them?” Duh – NO, I want my friggin meal for free. “Yes, I want them”, ’cause that was part of the anticipated flavors the salad was supposed to have. And I really hate dressings that are runny. The wife ordered some kind of BBQ Beef Nachos. An awkward flavor…it didn’t get eaten. She tore up one of the kid’s burgers though… like Kobayashi! I’ve never seen anyone lick their elbows before. Wow!

A bad dining experience…a really good movie. Avengers is a theater “must see”! Good flick! Funny.

I’ve got to give Cool Hand Luke’s only one peanut. I say throw it on the floor because that’s something missing from the old Roadhouse. “Where’s the peanuts?”


I’m on Facebook – Now I’m hungry?

So I now have CritDicks on Facebook and linked to Twitter. This social media thing gets quite complex. I now somehow need to relate this BS to food. How about… “I’m hungry”. If I start to write something about food, I will be…

Let’s just leave this particular rant to say CritDicks –  A precariously critical, humorous take on life’s interactions with food and drink!

I leave you with this photo of food that actually looks kinda tasty! Woof!


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