Bad A*$ Menu for a Bad A*$ Party

 So check out what was made for our recent gathering. What was your favorite?

I prepared for 60. Less than 1 pound of the pasta salad were all that remained. The prep took only about 6 hours of labor and one Popper assembly line the night before (that helped alot). Included 20 lbs of Prime Rib, 7 lbs of Salmon, 6 lbs of Sea Monsters for the Ceviche, 6 lbs of Carne Asada, 6 lbs of pasta, 80 Jalapenos, 5 lbs of Italian Sausage, 25 Hot Dogs, 25 Hamburgers, 6 lbs of boneless/skinless chicken thighs and 6 heads of Italian Parsley for the Chimichurri.

I was really surprised that every item was well received. I happily accepted compliments on every item…especially the poppers and the Prime Rib. I even got compliments on the burgers and dogs. Dunno? Maybe everyone was just really hungry.


Garlic-Inspired Prime Rib

Roasted Truffle-Garlic   Stuffed, Herb-Crusted

Prime Rib of Beef

Grilled Salmon

Charcoal-Grilled with   Olive Oil, Fresh Rosemary

 and Garlic

Pasta Salad

Fresh Tomatoes,   Basil, Garlic and Scallions

 With a Red-Wine Vinaigrette

Taco Bar

Carne Asada, Corn   Tortillas and Pico de Gallo

Sea-Monster Ceviche

Shrimp, Squid, Baby   Octopus, Mussels, Imitation Crab, Scallops, Tilapia and Pico de Gallo

Jalapeño Popper

Bacon Wrapped   Jalapeño Chili Stuffed with Jack Cheese, Queso Fresco, Cumin and Lime Zest

Italian Sausage Sandwich

Turkey Sausage with a   Parsley, Garlic and Red Pepper Chimichurri Sauce on a Fresh Bolillo

Teriyaki Chicken Skewer

Chef’s Special   Teriyaki Marinated Boneless/Skinless Thigh

Garden Salad

Jus’ About Everything   From the Garden

Vegetable Platter

Jus’ About Everything   Else From the Garden

Mushroom Tres-Three-Trio

King (Trumpet),   Bunashimeji and Oyster Mushrooms Sautéed w/Shallots and Red Wine

Chimichurri Sauce

Parsley, Garlic and   Red Pepper w/Red Wine

and Olive Oil

Franco’s Focaccia Bread

Special Focaccia   Dough w/Olive Oil, Herb and Spices

Hand Made By, and   Courtesy of, Franco Petruzzella

“By Grace” Cake Pops

Chocolate, White,   Carrot and Red Velvet Cakes Covered with Elegant Frostings Displayed Atop a Stick

Hand Made By, and   Courtesy of, Jenifer Sempertegui

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