A friggin’ wobbly table… Or, is it a Booger hangin’ ?

No chance for even a friggin’ wobbly table.

You cut a piece of meat, the table rocks toward you. Your partner cuts or stabs something on his or her plate and the table now rocks his or her way. This happened to my wife and I on Cinco de Mayo for lunch. Beautiful afternoon with an outdoor table. I take a sip from the margarita, the table flips her way. I set it back down, and it rocks toward me again. Arrrgh! Give me a napkin, matchbook, fork, even a flip-flop. I hate that!

Not today… An absolutely beautiful morning and we score an outdoor table for lunch. Sitting now at Bud’s Louisiana Cafe. This place rocked from the word “good morning,…how many today?” Sat for a lunch that had all of the elements of a sustainable future. Life feels good. I would say Bud knows what he’s doing. I noticed about 6 working in the back of the house as I walked in, and maybe 4 serving…a hostess, possibly the owner’s wife and some guy staring at me…possibly Bud himself. The tables outside filled very quickly, but I don’t know what was going on inside…and I didn’t pass through on the way out. So I don’t really know how full the place got. But, judging from the traffic (seated) outside…it looked good!

I would definitely go back for another visit. I would not get the pasta…because I’m Italian…and it’s just that…pasta! The Jambalaya sauce/topping was still good…it’s just pasta. I didn’t order today. The gringo I took with me did the menu choices today…yet he does have a good sense of food. I don’t know about his palette… He didn’t see, smell or taste the Cumin in the muffin. Hell…, I hope I got IT right, or I’ll really feel like a DICK. Oh, the Catfish was done just right and not greasy. The green beans were cooked right…just the color was off

Food was good, inside and outside set-up was nice and the service was friendly and warm. I would say the employees I encountered liked their jobs. They were very good at service. The Red Beans and Rice and the Corn Bread Muffins stood out. Maybe, it’s because we had them as apps (that would be appetizers for you clueless few). We had blackened catfish and an Andouille Sausage pasta. The food was delicious… just not above, but still very good. It satisfied the Cajun Creole Louisiana palette. But then I’m a “So. Cal” boy with a Carne Asada trained lifestyle and household.

So I enjoyed the place.

Afterward, I go back to work and do my thing. I had a great day. I get home and my wife points out a booger hanging. How do spell that anyway? Wikipedia couldn’t even get that one right. A booger, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” How many assholes did I come in contact with after lunch, or even during the day…even at lunch, that didn’t say anything! You guys are DICKS! Now you know how I feel!

I hate critiquing because I suck at it. I just know that you all were waiting for me to say something. Done!

Be nice…, your “Significant Other” is watching!

Peace – Foodie

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