So I made ’em and I ate ’em

I’ve found a use and a place in the kitchen for a couple of previously mentioned menu items or ingredients.

Stone BBQ sauce does not do well, in my opinion, as a BBQ sauce; but rather as a marinade that I used for a two-hour soak for a whole tri-tip roast. The meat really took on a great flavor. I did slam the meat with Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper just before hitting the grill. OK Stone, you may have me again, just the industrial sized bottle from Costco finds no easy spot in the fridge. I’m not going to displace the important IPA to make room for it. A man’s got know his limitations!

I also gave swing at the toasted ravioli. I used Kirkland brand frozen cheese ravioli, defrosted then dipped in milk, coated lightly with standard market-bought breadcrumbs, then deep fried ’em. Careful, these thing swell like a blow fish. Once the oozing cheese hits the hot 365° oil, its enough to arm the fire extinguisher and stand at the ready for a class Bravo. I had my back turned when it happened and thought I was going to be a screaming Alpha statistic and later be discharged to a burned down house. The flavor of the finished product was fine, tasting almost like a cheap mozzarella stick from Dennys. Really, it had a ravioli consistency because the dough for the ravioli doesn’t support crunchiness. Just tasted like a fried ravioli. OK, now dip it in spaghetti sauce and you folks from Saint Louis can eat your dream culinary desire. I don’t think I’m traveling to the arched city anytime soon for this masterpiece of sh/*.

On a lighter note, a co-worker brought in to work today, some remarkable chicken tamales. I’m guessing he was on a tequilla inspired kitchen Cinco de Mayo festival this last weekend. Damn, a pretty good job. Very tasty meat filling and the maise was very tender and moist. He brings in some bizzar stuff once in a while when he gets inspired. He’s probably one of the more creative and capable cooks at my workplace. I need to find out what his inspiration is and buy him a couple bottles. I hope it’s not like Johnny Blue Label or something like that.

Tomorrow looks like I’m going to check out that Louisiana cafe. Looking forward to it…hopefully I’ll have something positive to say…as long as there’s a story along with the experience.

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