Toasted Ravioli. Don’t stick the fork in there to get it out!

A Saint Louis mainstay? Said to be created as a local favorite that many bars and restaurants serve on a regular basis as part of their everyday menu. Does the sun ever shine in Saint Louis? Are these people lacking vitamin D? Have they been drinking stale beer again?

What on God’s great earth ever prompted someone to come into my kitchen and proclaim “Toasted Ravioli”. Then to find out they’re not even toasted. Boy…,have you lost your mind? Don’t wake up Guido with that noise about toasting pasta…he’s gonna get all muscle-ee and pissed off. You know he gets confused easily. You know he has a hard time making toasted bread…let alone what to do with it after it’s all burnt…scraping and buttering…and scraping…and buttering! Now what do you expect he’s gonna do with his Momma’s pasta? First time she has to clean the ooze from the toaster, turning it all upside down and banging on it. Momma is gonna holler and kitchen shit is gonna fly! Wait ‘til Uncle Joey hears about this shit…

A toasted ravioli is actually a presumably fresh or frozen/defrosted ravioli, then dipped in bread crumbs and then deep-fried, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and served as an appetizer or finger food. What’s funny, is two of the people I told about these were thinking the Spaghetti O canned type. Wow…scary, what’s in their diet? I guess it might work, but scary. Hopefully they don’t invite me over for dinner.

Now “F” me for thinking this way, but it actually sounds like this whole toasting thing might be kinda tasty. Sounds like a fried empanada…although I’m not sure how it would fare if it was actually toasted or baked. I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to making them…or even trying them, unless perhaps in Saint Louis.  I’m telling you, there’s some kinda contaminated water out there in Saint Louis… or maybe it’s Radon. Now this whole thing makes me wonder what that Arch thing is all about. Whew!!!


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