Napkins…it’s all about the napkins!

Tried another…and not just another mexican food hole in the wall…this one was in fact…a hole in the wall. Lourdes Mexican Food located inside of the back wall of the El Norte Car Wash at 615 El Norte Pkwy in Escondido, CA. I was told Lourdes has been inside for 5 years. I have long taken my car to […]

Need directions?… Ask Tim Tebow!

So you’re hosting a gala celebration, a large party with many anticipated guests, sending invitations to everyone you know, some you don’t; yet others, perhaps business associates that may just be interested in attending to show respect… The invitations include a brief geographical map, the address and contact information. Who would have thought nowadays, people don’t use some […]

Recognizing Awesomeness – But don’t drink the water!

A trip to the Arco Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista yesterday and a guided tour of the facility, kitchen and dining area revealed one very fascinating discovery…Olympic athletes are HOT! I don’t think there was one disgusting fat-body in the whole place…except for maybe some of the Culinary students on the tour itself. We were graced by such […]

Toasted Ravioli. Don’t stick the fork in there to get it out!

A Saint Louis mainstay? Said to be created as a local favorite that many bars and restaurants serve on a regular basis as part of their everyday menu. Does the sun ever shine in Saint Louis? Are these people lacking vitamin D? Have they been drinking stale beer again? What on God’s great earth ever […]