Chicken Thigh Meat – the difference

I guess this place has been in this location for a little while. Today I saw it, but initially passed it up, on the way to another very well established Southern California fast food joint for a fish taco. Well today…finally, hang a u-turn and let’s check it out!

I’m usually hesitant about any Greek or Mediterranean food joint for lunch. I feel I’m going to get something dry, requiring more of that white tzatziki or yogurt concoction to choke it down. Mediterranean suggests that you’re going to get something more healthy, but to this date, I have been rarely satisfied…especially when trying to do something fast. Cough, choke…cough, cough..choke. I even ordered water ’cause I had a feeling. When I left Maan’s, I still had a whole glass of water left.

I have always wondered why more restaurants don’t use chicken thigh meat in their recipes. I can almost anticipate any chicken ordered on a salad to be breast meat…dry…overcooked…safe. I like that this guy took a chance a served a less expensive, more flavorful and often times more tender cut, and still made a very profitable net from his cost to make it. I think I spent $8 and change for a salad and water. Chicken thigh meat is definitely a less appreciated cut of the chicken. Thigh meat is fattier so it automatically tastes better. It rapidly takes on the flavors of marinades and is almost immediately the correct portion for service (6oz). It’s a brainless kitchen meat that almost always pleases. I usually buy boneless-skinless when it’s on sale…but again, fabrication, if needed, is a no-brainer.

Maan’s Mediterranean Grill in Oceanside  is next to several other “trendy” in-spot eateries but located in the most jacked up parking/business/strip-mall I think I have ever experienced. I ordered the Chicken salad, but was hesitant because I wanted to try their meats, but didn’t want a Gyro or something else wrapped in a pita with a bunch of carb’s,…and that white cream sauce. What I got was a very well proportioned salad that had a marinated chicken thigh meat atop various other “Greek” salad ingredients. Combined with a delicious olive oil dressing that made everything come together. I thought it was very-very good as a lunch-time change. My “baby” was happy today!



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