Stone Brewing Co – WTF!

OK, well I tried it again, and…drum-roll please!

I was given this giant bottle of Stone Levitation Ale BBQ Sauce as a gift from a cousin-in-law, whom I respect very much…and, this cuz has been featured, very breifly, in one of my tyraids. Anyway, I warned him…, after thanking him for the gift, that I recall not caring much for this stuff, but was willing to give it another go-round because of my new, improved, refined and more respondant palate. Well…

I marinated  a batch of boneless/skinless chicken thighs for several hours, then burned (just using the term) it on the grill outside.

What I experienced was that of a Levitation of sort…a concauction…and unfortunately,…a let down! The flavor was good, but it plain lacked the body associated with BBQ sauce on anything. I was hoping for a rejuvenation to my palate, an experience worth remembering,…but instead, got a marinade that had a good flavor, but nothing close to what my own personal secret Teriyaki marinade can do for the senses. And if you’ve had my Teriyaki chicken…, you know. Everyone at the table agreed. Good, but needs something associated with BBQ sauce that other bottled sauces can normally deliver sufficiently. It just doesn’t hold a candle to our basic favorite (store bought) BBQ sauce. Possibly, if it was to be combined as a marinade, then topped with the house favorite, I’m sure it’ll hold its own…but not tonight. Yeah I know canned beans and frozen veggies. Those were OK, cause I have the microwave mastered.

Normally I have only good things to say about Stone products and services, but tonight…I have to say…stick to beer! Just another sauce from a fine brewery that does the name no justice. Plus the Costco size bottle takes up beer room…unsat!



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