Several topics – which to choose, which to choose…

Ice cream burp,… wow!

So lets talk about granola. I bought some stuff that was at Frasier Farms the other day…I dunno know…, some kind of Cranberry Apple Almond BS they had on the shelf already packaged. My intent was to top vanilla ice cream with this. My kids attack this stuff like it’s an implant from the movie “Aliens”…lurering them to, I don’t know, some kind of ET, “Reese’s Pieces” kind of thing going on… I’m tearing this sh%$ up right now while writing this. I bought this stuff to top Vanilla Ice cream. I’m telling ya friggin’ marvelous…now I know why the kids are into it by the handful. OMG…grab my…uh…shoulders, friggin’ good.

Sorry, just a quick one tonight.

Ice cream – get some!



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