“Traditional” Northern Walleye dinner – What ? ? ?

Walleye –  is a freshwater fish native to most of Canada and to the northern United States. Its meat is brilliant white, firm and mild in flavor. A good selection. Our first encounter.

It started this morning with the outdoor perfection of my newly planted sod garden. I had irrigation issues that needed attention if the sod plants were expected to take hold and grow. The Fescue sod planting event was immediately following a hella-night-o-rain. The ground was saturated and I was in fear that my several hundred dollars spent on the new turf would be in vain; that I wouldn’t get it planted, and I would be doing it mid-week. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

Well…, this morning, I’m adjusting and replacing the irrigation sprinklers that helped kill the old lawn…along with the gallons of urine my Danes pee like eight times daily. Well we now have a new fence to keep them corralled outside the perimeter of the new dog heaven spot. As I was working the sprinkler system I realized I didn’t take anything out for tonight’s supper. I immediately thought of the fish a good friend had brought along when he visited a month ago. This visitor is a long-time friend that had relocated to Montana since retiring from the military. He has since turned to fishing, and I guess he does a lot of it. He brought the Walleye with him when visiting a month ago, but also sent me some terrific Hickory-Apple smoked Trout that we also tried today. That trout went down real good with some nice flatbread crackers and an ice-cold Stone AB that I shared with my Dad.

I really had no creative idea on how to make Walleye, so I took his suggestion and breaded and pan-fried it. It was actually good except for the very small bone or two that I wasn’t warned about. Lawsuits are just so frivolous amongst good friends. I also made some Broccoli Rabe sautéed in a bit of olive oil, shallots and garlic. Served it tonight with a chunk of whole wheat flour baguette…as a change. I thought the dinner was good…kids were a bit skeptical. There was no sauce; so, like my eldest son says “everything tastes better with Tapatilo”. I had a dab, but was relishing the flavors I had created without much anything else…except a sip of Cab.

So why the “Traditional” Northern Walleye dinner? Is this really a tradition? I’m going to guess that if tradition were to happen, it would be closer to creamed corn and corn bread or something like that. I don’t think tradition involved Broccoli Rabe and a whole wheat baguette. Well, that conversation carried us most of the way through dinner because I had to entice my kids as to the tradition. “You wanna let our fore-fathers down?” I was on a roll, so I continued “They used to eat this on the way to school, walking up hill, in a blizzard’… Anyway, you know the rest.

So feast your eyes on the “Traditional Northern Walleye” dinner…as this was our first, and maybe our last.



1 thought on ““Traditional” Northern Walleye dinner – What ? ? ?

  1. Hehehe……..another way I told you about preppiing walleye was to grill it (heavily seasoned with lemon pepper, garlic and what ever other seasonings you may so desire) a couple of tablespoons of honey and butter wrapped in foil. 5 minutes per side on hot grill. Sorry about the bones (they had to be tiny)!

    Sounds like you enjoyed the trout….I’m going out today for my last trout run this year. Have already smoked 3 seperate batches and am sick of the stuff for the year, but, did get semi smart and freeze some for later on.

    The presentation looks good tho!!!!!!

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